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The word 'chakra' is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel'.

They  are  colourful  wheels or flowers with a hub in the center. The chakras begin at the base of the spine and finish over the top of the head. Though fixed in the central spinal column they are located on both the front and back of the body, and work through it.

Each chakra vibrates and rotates at different speeds. The root or first chakra rotates at the slowest speed, the crown or seventh chakra at the highest. Each chakra is stimulated by its own and complimentary  colours . The chakra colours are of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The size and brightness of the wheels vary with individual development, physical condition, energy levels, disease, or stress.

If the chakras are not balanced, or if the energies are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down. The person feels fatigued , tired, out of sorts, or depressed.  A negative attitude is developed and negativity surrounds the person..

A constant balance between the chakras promotes health and a sense of wellbeing. If the chakras are opened to much, a person could literally short circuit themselves with too much universal energy going through the body.

If the chakras are closed, this does not allow for the universal energy to flow through them properly which may also lead to dis-ease.

The 7 Chakras are as follows:

Chakra 1
–Base chakra, red chakra or root It Connects to the entire spinal column and lower half of the body. Deals with earthly issues and 5 human senses Supplies energy to the kidneys and adrenals as well as linked to the immune system. It is found in the adrenal glands.

Chakra 2  -Sacral or  orange chakra . It is found in the testes or ovaries and is associated with sexuality and reproduction.Connects to appendix, pancreas, kidneys, reproductive organs, large and small intestine, lumbar and sacral spinal area, bladder and prostate.

Chakra 3 – Solar plexus or yellow  chakra  . It is found in the pancreas and is associated with digestion. Connects to gallbladder, adrenals, spleen, Stomach, lower oesophagus, liver and thoracic spinal area.

Chakra 4 – green chakra or heart. It is in the thymus and is associated with the immune system. Connects  to  shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, heart, thymus gland, diaphragm, circulatory system, respiratory system, breasts, ribs, and cervical spinal area.

Chakra 5 – blue chakra or throat. It is found in the thyroid and is associated with metabolism .Connects to mouth, jaw, teeth, gums, thyroid, medulla oblongata, brain stem and parathyroid glands, trachea, upper oesophagus and cervical spine.

Chakra 6 - violet chakra or the third eye. It is found in the pituitary gland and is associated with hormones and growth. The energy centre for visualization, imagination and insight  . Connects   the  brain, autonomic nervous system, central nervous system, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, cerebellum, ears, nose, and eyes.

Chakra 7 – white chakra or the crown. It is found in the pineal gland and is associated with body rhythm. Associates with attitudes, faith, values, ethics, courage  compassion   for life. Connects all chakras and distributes energy throughout the entire body. Influences all of the body's systems: nervous, skeletal, energy, muscular, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune and the condition of the skin.

Any one of the seven chakras can become damaged. When this occurs they require healing via a transfer of energy.

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