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Consultant Neena
  Master Consultant in Feng Shui and Paht Chee, Pendulum Dowser, Crystal Ball Scryer and Aura Cleanser.  
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Activate your wealth luck as per your Kua number:Remember to keep the sectors cleen and clutter free also the living room and the dinning room shall only be activated.All ships have to sail coming inwards in your house from your wealth direction
Kua number 1: Energize the Southeast:Display jade or any healthy auspicious plant like money plant or an image of orange tree,Place 8 red golden plus one black golden fish in an aquarium.Images or real carp or arowana .Place a green wooden dragon and wooden ship decorated with coins,gems,gold ingots and precious stones.
Kua number 2: Energize the Northeast: Place a revolving crystal globe and twirl it twice daily,a bowl of natural quartz crystals, a crystal gem tree with coins ,8 smooth round crystals.
Kua number 3: Energize the South:Place an image of rooster,phoenix or peacock,Display an image of wishfullfilling cow on the and an image of a red horses.Light red floral candles and use red colour as much as possible.Keep the place well lit .
Kua number 4: Energize the North:Place water features like fountain or acquarium or hang painting of waterfalls with dolphins.Place a metal turtle or dragon turtle,a 6 rod metal hollow wind chime,a metal ship with precious gems ,ingots and coins,place a golden abacuss,display an arowana or carp.
Kua number 5 [ males]: Energize the Northeast: Place 8 smooth crystals, a bowl of natural quartz crystals.Display r crystal revolving globe and twirl it twise daily. Place a crystal gem tree with coins.
Kua number 5 [ females]: Energize the Southwest:Same as of kua no 5 males but instead of 8 display 2 smooth round crystals.
Kua number 6:Energize the West:Display a golden abacus,a metal ship laden with ingots,gems and coins,a metal dragontortoise and a 6 rod hollow metal wind chimeand a bowl full of real coins of different tyoes of currency.
Kua number 7: Energize the Northwest: Display golden abacus and a golden dragon tortoise.Hang 6 rod hollow metal chime and 6 golden Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon and a metal ship loaded with natural crystals ,ingots,gems and golden Chinese coins.
Kua number 8: Energize the Southwest:To be enegized as per the Kua number 5[females].
Kua number 9: Energize the East: To be energized as per Kua number 1 .

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