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  Main Door orientation as per your Kua Number Feature Products

Find out the best main door orientations as per your Kua number, and also get to know which direction invokes which special features...

Kua Number






Main Door Facing












South- Lots of prosperity in the house in terms of money and food.






East or Southeast- Increase in offspring.












Northwest- Good relationship with your spouse.






Northeast or West- Get lots of awards from the government.












Southeast- You get your increments fast and have good, obedient children,






South or North- Fame, name and wealth is accumulated faster in life than others.












East- You will have brilliant and intelligent children.






South and North- Your wealth shall stick with you till the end.












Southwest- Brings prosperity and wealth.






Northeast or West- Your children and their children will be very famous and rich. Your future generations will be very prosperous.












Northeast- All in the family gets prosperity.






Northwest or Southwest- Your acquired property from your ancestors will grow ten fold under your leadership.












West- You shall have a huge family and true friends.






Northeast and Southwest- You shall be blessed with wealth and prosperity.












North- Lots of money for the family.






East and Southeast- Your male generation will be very intelligent and diligent.







The above mentioned directions are as seen from inside out of your main door. You must try facing your main directions or should not have any poison arrows like a hill, a straight rod, T-road, a huge tree, an electricity pole etc. in front of the main door.
The main door direction is taken as per the Kua number of the main earning member of the family. Also an East group person should always stay in a East house and a West group person in a West house. A West house is one which faces South, East, North or Southeast directions and an East house is one which faces Northwest, West, Northeast and Southwest direction.

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