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Consultant Neena
  Master Consultant in Feng Shui and Paht Chee, Pendulum Dowser, Crystal Ball Scryer and Aura Cleanser.  
  Create Good Feng Shui in your Office Feature Products

To increase work, improve career prospects and to enhance sales and business follow these simple tips and see the difference it creates for you and your colleagues.
• Never sit facing the door. Sit facing one of your best directions as per your Kua number.
• Cover all book shelves as exposed ones give out bad energy in the form of Shar Chi. All file cabinets should be covered.
• To guard against office politics, place a strong rooster image on your work table. It will pick up all the office politics.
• If you are heading your company then the best place for your office is deep in the Northwest of the building, placing your work desk diagonal to the main door.
• Sitting side by side to your colleagues is better than sitting face to face or back to back.
• A beautiful Phoenix picture or a peacock statue when placed high up on the South wall brings opportunity, name and fame to the company and its employees.
• To increase income and wealth, put a statue of sailing ship inwards in your office from one of your best directions. It should be loaded with money, coins and activated by red satin ribbon.
• The Northwest sector of the office should be activated with endless knot symbol so as to bring brotherhood and compassion amongst co-workers.
• Pleasant incense sticks should be lighted everyday to cleanse the environment and give a peaceful start to the day.
• Hang faceted crystals wherever you can to catch the sun rays. The spectrum produced by them cleanses and purifies the place and also gives lots of positive energy to the environment.
• Never have a window on the back of your seat.
• Hang a tortoise shaped mountain painting behind your chair to support you and give you a stable position in the company.
• Place an aquarium with eight gold fish and one black goldfish in the north of your office to activate your career luck.
• Don’t place any crystals in the North area of your office desk.
• Don’t place flowers or plants in the North area of the office and the desk.
• Don’t place an image of a waterfall behind your chair.
• A waterfall painting activates the North sector of the office or building. One level Yang water feature like small fountains etc. with a metal turtle along with it, acts as a good energizer for the sector. The size of the water feature should be in proportion of the office or building.
• Keep the North sector as clean as possible and do not display red color or its shades in this area. Avoid any fire feature too in this sector.
• Do not display crystals and globes in the South corner of the office.
• Place bright color lights to bring in name, fame and opportunity to you and your company. In wooden red color frame with pink background write the name of the company in red color and hang it high up in the South corner of the office.
• Place images of Tribute Horses/ Running Horse with a swallow flying besides it. It denotes victory and lots of prosperity.
• Do not place any water feature in the South.
• To have good relations with your superiors and subordinates, keep the Southwest corner clean and clutter free.
• Activate the Southwest with crystal balls (amethyst and rose quartz) and by burning red candles.
• Place a pink color rotating crystal lotus to usher in more business and sales in the Southwest.
• Place image of Kuan Kung in the Northwest of the CEO’s office.

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