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Consultant Neena
  Master Consultant in Feng Shui and Paht Chee, Pendulum Dowser, Crystal Ball Scryer and Aura Cleanser.  
  Annual Flying Star Forecast 2012 Feature Products

1. Lucky White Star (Water Element)

It is in the South. It brings  mentor and carrier luck in terms of promotions, triumph, success and recognition. Activate it with Double Dragon Fountain, Six Rod all metal Hollow Wind Chime, Victory Banner and Mystic Knot with evil eye, brass Dragon Tortoise, Golden Dragon, bejewelled Eagle, brass Kwan kung on victory horse, Black Victory Horse and  cup of water and Mechanical Music Box.

2. The Illness Star (Earth Element)
The Illness star is in the North. It brings illnesses, diseases, ailments and fatal health problems. Supress it with  a pair of Wu Lou , Antahkarna Wu Lou, Sau, Longevity Tortoise, six rod  hollow all metal wind chime, carry wu lou amulet and place the Medicine Buddha Plaque. Wear on you the Blue Liu Li Hulu Pendant for Health Luck or bejewelled Turtle. Place a Mechanical Music box and turn it on a few times.   

3. The Hostile Star (Wood Element)
The Hostile Star is in the Southwest. It brings quarrels, verbal assaults, hostilities, negative encounters, lawsuits and court cases.  Relationships between spouses will be affected with argument energies. Watch out for trouble with the authorities.  Supress it with Red Laughing budha, Dragon with Flaming Sword Flaming fire wheel, Manjushari Flaming Sword  and Ksitigarbha Fireball, 4 inch Ksitigarbha Staff, remove water or wood energy from this sector and put 1 to 2 pink enevelops.

4. The Romance and Scholastic Star (Wood Element)
The Romance and Scholastic Star is in the East. It brings literary luck, relationship and love luck. Enhance it with Quartz Crystal Pencil Point, Golden Rooster with Fan and Amethyst, Mandarin Ducks, Double Happiness Symbol, Dragon Phoenix, Double Carps and wear Rose Quartz Bracelet with 2 eye Dzi, Education and Exam luck Amulet Coin; place a Crystal Gem Tree, 4 Crystal Balls, 9 Level Pagoda and 4 Lucky Bamboos. 

5. The Yellow Star (Earth Element)
The Yellow Star is in Southeast. It brings bad luck of all kinds, financial loss, accidents, misfortunes, mishaps, fights and death. Supress it with The Five Element Pagoda, 5 Element  Metal Bell, 6 Rod All Metal Hollow Wind Chime, Luck Transforming Metal Fan are excellent cures. Keep the afflicted sector as quiet as possible and avoid any construction or renovation in this area. Put a cup of water  and mechanical music box and turn it on a few times.

6. The Heavenly Star (Metal Element)
The Heavenly Star is in the Center. It brings windfall luck, prosperity luck and cosmic chi  from heaven with plenty of success and helpful people. Activate with coins such as the Six Auspicious Emperor Coins, Heaven Luck Amulet, Eight Immortal Wealth Deities, images of horses or dragons, place crystals in form of trees or 6 clear quartz crystals. Play music and use this area for as much activities as possible to benefit from this good energy.
7. The Violent Star (Metal Element)

The Violent Star is in the Northwest. It brings severe bad luck (violence, burglary, financial loss, and bloodshed). Supress it with  a small lamp, Anti Burglary Blue Rhino and Elephant Plaque or two Double Horned Blue Rhinos, and a cup of water. Its negative chi gets strengthened further by the big metal energy of the NW sector. Do not trust everyone. It especially affects the partriach of the family or the owners of a company especially when the maindoor or room is located in Northwest, as well as those born in the year of Dog and Ox.

8. The Wealth Star (Earth Element)
The Wealth Star is in the West. It brings wealth, prosperity, and lots of money luck. This sector is extremely auspicious in Period 8 (Year 2004 to 2024). Activate It by placing Eight Carp Prosperity Fountain, 8 Wealth Piyao, colourful Crystal Fountain, Citrine, Aventurine or Amethyst Crystal Trees with 9 coins, Golden Jambhala, Star of David Crystal Balls and Ruyi to enhance carrier and authourity luck, Ammonite Shell, Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster or ball, Crystal Globe, Bejewelled Mystic Knot and cup of water.

9. The Purple Star or Future prosperity star (Fire Element)
The Purple Staris in the Northeast. It doubles the good luck or bad luck brought by the sector, depending on the effect of the other (monthly) star. It brings wealth luck, fame and recognition luck and good fortune. Enhance by keeping this sector brightly lit with 9 Glitter Lamps, Nine Rings Sword, Nine Dragons Crystal Globe of Fame and Recognition, Nine Emperors Coins With Mystic Knot Tassel , Nine Dragon Incense Burner, Nine Money Toads and Nine Wealth Gods sitting on a ship. This Purple star is of fire element. This star also brings relationship and marriage luck. To enhance marriage, put 4 pots of plant surrounding one plot of 9 red roses. If you only want to further enhance your relationship but not marriage, just put the 4 pots of plant. If you want to add a new family member, just put one pot of plant and even if you want a promotion, just put one pot of plant.

The Tai Sui
The annual Tai Sui, generally referred to as the Grand Duke of Jupiter, is located at southeast 1. Loss, bad luck and illness will befall those who disturb, challenge or confront the Tai Sui. You should avoid facing SE1 in all your major endeavors, no renovation, digging, banging or any noisy activities in his palace. The best cure is to carry Tai Sui Amulets and display  a pair of Piyaos in this direction. You should not sit facing it rather sit with your back to it, for it supports you then.   

The 3 Killings
The 3 Killings which brings financial loss, accidents, calamities, obstacles and setbacks, is this  year in South. As with the Tai Sui, you should avoid any major renovation in the area affected by Three Killings. You should sit facing it. The remedy is to place the 3 Celestial Guardians of Fu Dog, Chi Lin and Pi Yao, in the  afflicted sectors or carry amulets of their images.
The Year Clash
The Sui Po, is also known as the Year Clash, is located in NW1 (Dog), a direction which faces and challenges the Tai Sui. The Sui Po sector should not be activated. It is acceptable to face the Sui Po, but it is not advisable to sit in the Sui Po because it is unfortunate to set yourself up as opposing the year. The best way to appease the Sui Po is to display a pair of Pi Yao or Pi Xiu here facing the Tai Sui that is in SE1.


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