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1. The bedroom walls should be painted in soft romantic hues of greens and blues.
2. Spread new silk or soft linen sheets on your bed in shades of pink or green.
3. Place your bed against a wall in the love direction of your husband, away from the door and not facing the door, so as to have a clear view of the door.
4. Have one large pillow spreading on to the whole bed instead of two separate pillows.
5. In the Southwest corner of your bedroom place symbolizes of love and harmony like Pair of Flying Geese, two Rose Quartz Hearts, Double Happiness Symbol, Dragon Phoenix, and Endless Knot. Along with this place a photo with your spouse.
6. Declutter and clean all Southwest corners of your home.
7. Light 2 red colour candles continuously for 49 days in the Southwest of your bedroom to rekindle love between you both.
8. Make sure there are no metal objects and sharp pointed objects in this sector of your home.
9. This year the romance luck is in the Southwest so you can enhance this by placing a pair of Mandarin Ducks in that corner.
10. Dark red roses with thorns actually have quite negative Feng Shui meaning, instead gift Pink, yellow, peach or cream roses with thorns removed
11. Sit facing your love direction when on a date.
12. Remove or cover Mirrors in Bedroom as they often reflect another person always coming in between two people. This often means an extra marital affair.
13. Those who are single and looking for someone special, then they must hang a painting of peonies Chinese flower of love. The best can be to display items or images that represent opposite sex.
14. The bed room should be properly ventilated so as to create positive energy in relationships.
15. If a toilet is located on the Southwest corner of the bedroom then cure it by hanging a five rod hollow metal wind chime.
16. Place an indoor water fountain in the Southwest corner of your living room.
17. Remove your office work and television from your bedroom, as it takes the person away from one another as your attention gets diverted.
18. Wearing RED colour brings in the lost love and enhances the sexual life as well. The colour PINK helps to cool down the temper. PURPLE is the one which helps to create an aura of romance. ORANGE symbolises purity and Blues as taken from the vast ocean is also a symbol of love. Try and surround yourself with these magnificent love colours.
19. Keep your bedroom clean and afresh as dusty objects means dust on the relationship.
20. Avoid placing idols of God in the bedroom except lord Krishna with Radha on the Swings   which is very auspicious as it denotes eternal and spiritual love.
21. Your bedroom doors should always open easily because squeaky or partly opened doors block the romantic energy entering the room. Begin your day with calm activities. Always keep the most romantic area of your house attractive.

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