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Let Go of the Past

Remove everything which reminds you of your past relationship. End all negative thoughts of the present relationship.
Make your Bedroom Romantic
Create sensuous and romantic energy in your bedroom. Display romantic objects and love enhancing objects like Mandarin Ducks, 2 Rose Quartz Hearts, Double Happiness Symbol, all in the Southwest of your bedroom. Have soothing lights and satin fresh pink or green coloured bed sheets or the colour which corresponds with your love direction. Play cool soothing music. Remove the television from your bedroom as it takes your attention away from your partner.
Placement of your Bed
The ideal bed position is as far away from the door as possible, and with a clear view of the door. You should sleep with your head in your love direction. Place a single mattress and big single pillow for you both. You need to share your dreams with one another. A solid headboard will support a strong relationship.
Replace your Bed
When entering in new relationship make sure to sleep on a new bed and mattress so as to do away the negativity of the previous relationship.
Declutter to remove Stagnancy
Clutter affects all your spheres of life, be it wealth, health, relationship etc. Make sure you do not let it grow over the years. Whatever you do not use for over two years, just donate it to someone who may find it useful. Once you have de-cluttered, you feel good and vibrant and attract lots of positivity. Clutter is anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated, or disorganized; this could be physical clutter, or unresolved issues with your ex-partner  or partner
Make Space for your Dream Person
Place things in double in your bedroom if you want to create a relationship. Have matching bedside tables and lamps.
Love yourself
Nurture your own self and fall in love with your own. Change yourself and make yourself more desirable to others in terms of mental and physical sides. Think as if you are already in love and act that way with your dream partner.
Nurture your Love
Nurture and celebrate the love already existing in your life be it with a partner, friends or family.
Family Problems
Problems in the family can be determined by observing the East direction of your house. Check the East sector of the house and the East corner of the living room. If there is a fireplace there, it will exhaust the relationships, so put a picture of water over the fireplace.
Relationship with Children
If your relationship is bad with children then, check the West sector of the house and the living room for the following. Water elements in this area, such as a shower or bathroom, will cause problems and difficulties with the children. Cure it by placing clear crystals or metal objects in the west corner of the living room or the house. If there is a kitchen or a fireplace, water and earth are helpful in the form of crystal globes, maps, vases, or stones.
Shape of the House
An irregular shape of the house is a problem as it cuts out the goodness of the man, woman or children sectors which may be missing. Enhance the missing sectors by activating those sectors in the living room. For a missing Southwest sector (romance, marital happiness, woman), Northwest sector (man, breadwinner), or West sector (children, creativity) add a globe.
The Core Sector
The centre of your house is  critical for relationships. Without a strong centre sector, health, wealth, and relationships can all suffer. The centre sector is an earth sector. Avoid plants and water here. A kitchen in the centre creates severe disagreements and heated arguments. Cure it by painting it blue or black, and put  water elements like an aquarium or bowl of water. If a bathroom is in the centre, it is cured by displaying a  plant motif or green or brown colours here.

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