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  Feng Shui Tips for a Safe Journey Feature Products

General Tips for Travel
1. Keep 6 Peacock Feathers in your car to protect you from accidents and people with bad intentions.
2. Hang a replica of any Auspicious Bird in your car to give you safe travelling
3. Place Laughing Buddha on your dashboard so as to help you stress free travelling.
4. For business trip, carry a Conch Shell to give you excellent travel and business luck from abroad.
5. Carry a Symbol of Longevity with you for personal safety and protection against harmful energies.
6. Before you travel, hold a curved knife in front of you and swipe it from left to right three times. Doing so dispels bad energy from all the ten directions.

Special Tip:
Carry a Mystic Knot in your car or handbag. If you face any of the following situations, rub your mystic knot and make wishes in the following situations:
1. When you can’t find a parking space.
2. When you are stuck in a traffic jam.
3. When you feel you are in some kind of danger.
4. When you are walking alone.

Feng Shui Rituals based on Direction of Travel
Whenever you are travelling to new country, moving into a new house or office and having a change of place, perform the given rituals. Travel orientations are determined from the direction one is traveling from.
The following suggests small but effective rituals which should  be performed before travelling in a particular direction from your place of reference, which could be your home, office or any hotel where you are staying. This ensures safe travel and reaching your destination successfully without any problems on the way.
1. When travelling towards the North, scoop up a mound of earth before you start your journey and throw it in the direction of North.

2. When travelling towards the Northeast, swipe the air three times with a bamboo stick tied with red thread.

3. When travelling towards the East, ring a bell six or seven times in the direction of East before you leave or hang a 6 rod wind chime. Remember to take off the wind chime when you return from your journey.

4. When travelling towards the Southeast, ring a bell six or seven times in the direction of the Southeast before you leave. Alternatively, strike a singing bowl with a wooden mallet seven times just before embarking on your travels.

5. When travelling towards the South, drink a large glass of water or wash your hands & feet just before leaving home. 

6. When travelling towards the Southwest, swipe the air three times with a bamboo stick tied with red thread.

7. When travelling towards the West or Northwest light a red candle or burn some incense in the direction of your destination.

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