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Consultant Neena
  Master Consultant in Feng Shui and Paht Chee, Pendulum Dowser, Crystal Ball Scryer and Aura Cleanser.  
  Increase your Wealth and Personal Energy Feature Products

By simply following the points below you can create a positive personal energy which in turn will create immense wealth energy. This energy not only increases your money but it also helps you to enjoy your money in the right way and promotes a healthy well balanced life filled with all positive emotions, and eventually you are in a state of celestial bliss.
1. Your surroundings, be it your home or your workplace, should be devoid of any broken objects, screeching doors and drawers, which all produce negative energy which is very fatal to your wellbeing. This drains away the prosperity and creates blockages in your work and life in general. So make sure all your gadgets work smoothly and if they need repair do it promptly.
2. Make investments and accumulate your money in some sort of deposits. Make saving your habit, but at the same time do not make it a misery. You need to strike the right balance.
3. Keep your home clean and energized. Keep lots of yang energy flowing in your homes like fresh flowers, fountains, beautiful paintings and generally keeping your house neat and tidy. Burn fragrant candles, dispense camphor to purify and decongest and drive away the negative energy. Keep a pet and make sure it is happy and healthy. It has a lot of positive energy.
4. Keep yourself healthy, fit and trendy. Pamper yourself, for if you look good you feel good. It is important to feel and look good as it increases your confidence level and you are mentally and physically energised and your personal energy is vibrant; hence it will attract all good things to you which includes wealth too.
5. Energise your money by keeping it in a red colour wallet. Place your cheque book, investment and banking account information and statements in red file covers. Use blue or black folders to store your bills so that they are not energized. Keep your purse and wallets well organized and clean. Do not use many credit cards just keep one or two for emergency but avoid using them every day. Add grains of sea salt to your wallet to “draw” money or place wealth activators in your purses and wallets.
6. To create wealth you need to believe in it .Think you already have it and that you truly deserve it. You must believe you deserve abundance before abundance will make its way to you. Spend time thinking about your thoughts about money and wealth and ask yourself, what could you do today, right now, that could change your financial picture.

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