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Consultant Neena
  Master Consultant in Feng Shui and Paht Chee, Pendulum Dowser, Crystal Ball Scryer and Aura Cleanser.  
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Sometimes one works so hard yet is unable to get fame and recognition. It lures some and to others it comes so easily. When you talk about fame in Feng Shui, the first direction which comes to your mind is South. When your home or office enjoys a beneficial South sector, recognition comes easily and you retain a good name.
But when the South sector is afflicted by an annual affliction, by having water in this area, black and blue colours, or by having metallic objects here or metal colours then you will suffer from bad name, poor social standing, lack of friends and opportunities.
By simply taking care of the South sector of both your home and office, you can improve your image and create ample opportunities to gain name, fame and prosperity. You should always protect this sector and put cures and enhancers accordingly so as to enjoy a continuous period of prosperity, fame and recognition; after all, you have worked hard to achieve it or are working harder to achieve it.
By following these simple remedies you can achieve the status you want among your family and colleagues. You can gain name, fame and happiness as desired by you.
1. Play with red colour in the South of your living room and office. It is colour of recognition and fame. Paint the South wall red, place red objects, light red colour lights and candles in the South, use red colour upholstery in this direction. Place green plants as wood creates fire, which is what you need in this sector.
2. Next start facing your fame direction where you sit, eat, sleep, and work. You need to take care of the South and your personal success and recognition direction which you can come to know from your Kua number.
3. Place your photo, company logo and your name in a red colour wooden frame and hang it on the South wall. Along with this, place auspicious Feng Shui symbols and enhancers like a dragon phoenix figure, phoenix, 9 red or golden colour running horses and red or golden wish fulfilling cow.
4. You can place wooden furniture, red colour flowers, barbeque and lots of green plants in the South direction of your garden

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