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  Your House Colour affects your Success and Wealth Feature Products

When your house is painted with a colour that is harmonious with the direction it faces, you create a positive and harmonious environment in your home, which makes your life smooth, satisfying and full of happiness.
You must paint your house as per the facing direction of it so as to avoid any problems for people staying in that house. The House Colours affect your relationships as well as wealth.
The following advice, if adhered to, will spare the agony of so many losses both emotional and materialistic.
1. An East and Southeast facing house should be painted in shades of green, as this is the wood direction. To gain success while staying in this house, use lots of wood and shades of green and blue so that these colours nurture your house. This gives good health to its residents.
2. A South facing house should be painted in the shades of red and green. Also, one should use lots of wood in such a house. People staying in such houses attain lots of name and fame, by virtue of which their business prospers.
3. The houses facing Southwest and Northeast can be made out of stone and marble on the outside and painted with shades of yellow and pinks, to render relationship and education luck respectively to its residents. These houses benefit the ladies of the house and anyone who wants to increase their knowledge. Students benefit from its positive vibrations.
4. Houses facing West and Northwest direction can use lots of metal on the outside and should be painted with shades of golden and silver, cream and white. This would be especially beneficial to the children and men staying in these houses. The residents will always have helpful people around them and the family will be happy. It activates the heaven luck.
5. Houses facing the North direction should have shades of blue with specks of black and grey, and one can use metal on the outside. This type of house benefits residents in their career by enhancing the positive career energy.
6. If you do not know your house facing, then the safest colour to choose would be the shades of purple, as this is the only colour you can use in any direction and it enhances the quality of that direction. It is often referred to as the colour of the future.
Feng Shui provides several starting points for colour selection because each colour has a different meaning and direction associated with it.

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