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You can create a positive relaxing environment by following these simple rules which will help you identify the colours as per your requirement. Colours are everywhere but choosing the right one to suit you is what you need to do so as to create a positive Chi around your homes and work place. The Yin colours and Yang colours are given below .The Yin colours are used to mellow down too much energy and the Yang colours are used to uplift the low energy. Like in bedrooms, you need to create a more relaxed and soft energy so that you can rest and have a peaceful sleep , but in offices you need strong energy, as you need more movement, so yang  colours are advised. Along with it each colour represents a direction and aspiration in Feng Shui Bagua, so you can use it to enhance the corresponding direction.

Yin Colours of Feng Shui
Black: In Feng Shui, it is associated with the North direction. It signifies sophistication and fear, the unknown or mystery. It denotes night and deep waters. When this colour is used in the rooms it adds depth and strength, and brings the energy of protection and power. But never paint your ceiling black as this represents water on top of you which is a bad omen and equals to your dreams drowning in water.
Purple: In Feng Shui, it is associated with all directions and with future prosperity. It is associated with spiritual awareness, for physical and mental wellbeing and royalty. Use it sparingly as it has very strong vibrations. Best used in a meditation or healing room.
Green:  In Feng Shui, it represents the East and South East direction. It signifies hope, rebirth, growth and health. It represents the wood element. It is used to heal, calm and balance the body; that is why it is used in hospitals. It has very positive effect on health.
Blue: In Feng Shui, it represents the North direction. It signifies trust as well as peace and encourages a relaxing atmosphere. It also soothes and heals the mind and body. Navy blue signifies wisdom and the other blues signify the need to explore and adventure pertaining to the unknown. In Feng Shui it represents water, and like black colour you should not use it on the ceilings.
Yang Colours of Feng Shui
Yellow: In Feng Shui it represents the Northeast, Southwest and the centre. It denotes warmth, friendliness and happiness. This uplifting and cheerful colour should be used wisely as too much of it can lead to anxiety and stress because it has very strong vibrations like that of the sun. It can be used for bedrooms and toilets to lessen the water energy.
Orange: It increases your concentration and creative skills. It is used to give a sense of purpose and organization and is best suited for the study or office. 
: It is associated with the South direction and hence, embodies truth and virtue. It is a very vibrant colour denoting success and happiness. This colour again should be used cautiously as too much of it can make you restless. Good for living rooms and kitchens.
White: It signifies purity, confidence, poise and trustworthiness. It can be used in any direction and it radiates a lot of positive energy.

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