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To increase chances of more opportunities and to enjoy your work, it is of great help to use Feng Shui, since it not only creates more opportunities, but also assures that you will avail them. Money is important, but to enjoy your profession is more important. You come across many professionals drawing huge pay packets but have no work satisfaction.

There are two points of references if you want to improve your career your house and your office. Enlisted below are lots of ways of doing so. The more cures you put, the more chances of improvement are there.


a. If your North sector is missing or if there is a toilet here, activate the North sector of your living room and office. Keep it clean and clutter free. Place a single white flower in a white metal vase and place a metal turtle or dragon turtle with a Chinese coin in its mouth .Put the annual flying star cures for the current year by consulting our website. You can decorate using blue or black colour, a picture of water or an aquarium or a fountain, and metal objects. Keep the entrance to your home as attractive as possible to invite new opportunities. Do not have blockages, dying plants, worn out welcome mats, etc. Keep the entrance clean and clutter free. Hang auspicious symbols on your main door, so as to attract positive energy into your homes. Make sure your main entry door and your back door are not aligned as it makes you lose opportunities and money. Seeing inside out from your main door you can place a clean water  feature on the left side of your main entry door, inside your home to increase prosperity, this is especially good for houses facing North, East and Southeast.


b. Keep the South of your house and living room well lit; better still, light a red colour bulb there. South represents recognition, name and fame. Burning nine red candles here would be excellent. You can paint this section of wall in the shades of red or orange. Place images of peacock, phoenix or any auspicious bird, high up on the South wall. You can put your photo in a red wooden frame in this sector too.


c. Keep a light on, all the time at the entrance to your home. A chandelier with crystal prisms that cast different colours of the rainbow at the entryway is especially good. These are especially helpful if your stairs face or end close to the front door; good opportunities go right on out the door! You can hang crystals where they can catch the light from the sun to throw a spectrum of colours which energises your home.


a. You should sit facing the door but not directly. Never sit with your back to the door ever. If your furnishings in your office or cubicle are built in, then turn your computer so that you can see someone coming from either your left or right side.


b. Sit in your wealth direction as per your Kua number.


c. Place a rooster on your worktable to stop any unhealthy gossip. Place endless knot in the Northwest of your office to promote support and unity among your colleagues.


d. Place a picture of a mountain or dragon turtle behind your chair to give you support at work. You should have something solid behind you. If you have a window at your back, you will suffer from lack of support. There should be no bookshelves or open cabinets at your back or any bookshelves shelves facing you. Make sure that you do not have a hallway, stairs, or other entry that is exactly opposite your desk.


e. Energize your wealth corner as per your Kua number and also place a healthy jade plant or 4 sticks of green bamboo in the Southeast corner of your office. If you cannot keep real plants then you can keep artificial ones, but no dried plants as they exude dead energy.


f. Activate the South wall by placing a red colour lamp in your office for more recognition. Along with this you can also place red objects, burn 9 red candles for 49 days continuously and place your photo in a red colour wooden frame. You can also place a phoenix high up on the South wall. All this shall bring name, fame and new opportunities for you.


g. Now lets look at your North corner.  Activate this sector for career growth. Place a tortoise, a big picture of water or place an aquarium with eight gold fish and one black gold fish, and a white metal vase with one white colour flower, all in the North sector. If you have a window here, make sure you keep it open at least 6 hours so as to activate this sector. You can use blue or black colour curtains here and metal furniture in this sector.

h. Activate the Northwest corner for mentor luck and helpful people at work place. You can place a rock or geode, or metal objects in this location. Stereos and electronics are also good to place in the Northwest to bring helpful people and mentors to you. Gold, silver, or white objects are good when placed here. Hang a 6 rod all metal wind chimes with hollow rods, 6 clear crystals tied together, and place a crystal bowl filled with real coins, figure of Kuan Kung, white lotus, yellow or white colour candles in metal stand or a crystal globe in this sector.

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