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This simple analysis of your house will suggest what sort of environment you are living in. And as the adage goes if you have health you have wealth.

Just being disease free does not mean healthy, it includes vigour and vitality to create good health. It is a state of complete physical and mental wellbeing and that one feels fresh and full of energy everyday. We all know the importance of maintaining healthy weight, getting plenty of rest, eating healthily and taking out time for rejuvenation. But did you know that apart from this you can use Fengshui to further enhance this…. How? Simply by following the tips given below for the prevalent health problems.


1. When suffering from low energy or vitality all you need to do is to clean and rearrange your furniture, clean the cupboards, rather all your rooms inclusive of your kitchen and toilets. Clean up your gadgets and furniture and change your bed sheets rather sun your mattresses .Dispense some camphor   to cleanse the atmosphere and energize it. Put fresh flowers and dispense perfume in every room or light incense. Open up your windows and let in fresh air and warm sunlight.


2. If you are having a weight problem then it indicates that as you enter your house you first see your kitchen, likewise if it is the laundry room, you could have problems with low energy. The room you see first impacts your health the most. If it is a toilet, sink, or some type of water, then your health — and your wealth — will be drained away So to counter act this create a barrier or screen so that you first see things which are auspicious for you. You can place plants, curtains etc. to hide them out. Never sleep or eat facing a toilet.


3.  You need to create a perfect balance of yin and yang in your home. Less light causes allergies, respiratory problems, colds and depression.  Too much   light makes you nervous, angry, and unable to relax.  Work on bringing the home into balance with right type of lighting and colours. Living rooms and dining rooms need to be more yang then bedrooms and study. Choose colours as per the energy level   required, as pure red is to yang so mix it up with colours that make it less bright.


4.  Know your health direction from your kua no, which you can calculate from my website. Once you know your personal health direction then sleep with your head in that direction and activate it accordingly 


Kua number

Health Direction
West for men, Southwest for women

5. Take care of your east as this is the universal health direction. Have no store room, and bathroom there. Keep it clean and energized. If you have a bathroom there you could place a large boulder in the room, place a mirror above the toilet, place a red light, or hang a 5-rod hollow metal wind chime in the toilet.


6.Check your yard or garden  for east direction .Make sure you have no thorny plants here, instead  plant “health and longevity” plants like  bamboo plants, pine trees, and peach trees which are  all symbols of longevity and long life. Place image of green dragon here as well as in your living room in the east sector.


7. Check your bedroom Feng Shui. Make sure the bed is positioned correctly and not facing a door or can be seen from a mirror.  Place no water feature here and block view of bathroom with curtains. Do not place plants and television here.  Clear off surfaces, making the room as clean and clear as possible. Do not place any work gadgets like fax machine, laptop, printer, computer etc. in the bedroom. You should endeavour to make it peaceful and pleasant as you sleep here every day so as to rejuvenate your body and soul.


8. Place symbols and pictures of longevity and good health in and around your house. These include deer, cranes, and peaches. You can even keep them alive Keep your fish tanks or fountains clean.  Dirty water   brings poor health and vitality, stagnant chi, and it can affect your finances, too. So keep your surroundings clean, energized and pure if you want to enjoy good health and unlimited wealth.  

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