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  7 Ways to Enhance Wealth using Chinese Coins Feature Products

You can use lucky Chinese coins in groups of three, six, and nine tied with red ribbon to activate them and place them with the Chinese character side up. The following tips shows you ways of how and where all, you can use them to activate your home, office, and business for prosperity and wealth.

1. Place these coins in groups of three or its multiples under a door mat or carpet inside the entrance to your home, office or living room. Sleep on the mattress with coins under it.


2. Tape coins on your phone, cell phone, fax machine, under your chair, printer, computer or any gadget you use in your office for business.


3. Carry the three-tied coins in your wallet, paste it on your cheque book, investment records, account books, cash registers or purse to activate wealth.


4. Tie them on the inside of your main door, of your house or your business establishment.


5. Place six coins under the fountain in your living room or office.


6. Embed as many coins as possible in multiples of three in the walls whenever you do new construction

7. Gift these coins to your friends if you want money to flow towards you.

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