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  Feng Shui 'Lucky Bamboo' Feature Products

For the past few years Feng Shui has been gaining popularity in India and many other countries. Numerous Feng Shui products are available at interiors outlets which are used for dual purposes of decorating the home and also they are being used because of the Feng Shui elements that they contain. Among the various products the Lucky Bamboo has become the most popular Feng Shui product in the market.

The Lucky Bamboos are considered luckiest when you receive it as a gift but it does not rule out that you cannot buy them. It symbolizes luck and success because of its ability to sustain in all climatic conditions. They are very easy to maintain. The plant grows very well indoors. All it needs is water at regular intervals. You need to add clean water to the plant.


It improves the energy quality in the house and helps to destress the person. It brings good luck, good fortune and prosperity to the house, at business and all the people connected to the person who puts it in his house. It activates stagnant energy where it is placed and spread it all around. As bamboo is flexible it symbolises the ability to move with time and adapt to the changes in life. Overall growth is achieved by placing it in your homes or work place. These plants protect the occupants of the house from unseen forces.


When three stalks are kept it enhances  happiness, five are for health, two for love ,eight for wealth , nine for overall  goodness and prosperity in the life of the owner.

All five elements essential to Feng Shui are present in the bamboo tree. These are-  Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal.

When you ensemble the plant you put pebbles or a sprinkle of earth at the bottom of the plant for earth element. Then you pour a little water onto the bamboo plant which represents water. The red ribbon with which you tie the stalks together represent fire. Then add a metal stand for this pot to complete the elements and derive full advantage of it.

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