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  Choosing your Business Workplace Feature Products

As per the Feng Shui principles, placing the right things in the right direction in any building or structure enables it to maximise its potential. It can bring in more fame, reputation, social status, career, spirituality, business, knowledge and new skills. When used in your workplace, it increases the returns and helps it to prosper. You can start using Feng Shui even from the time you start looking for land to build your company. Following points must be remembered when choosing a site for your business.

1. Location at the base of a hill with elevated land on the other side of it and open land in front of it is considered ideal and believed to bring good fortune.


2. A Plot on a slope is better than one at the very base of the hill.


3. You should have no hill or any obstruction in the front of your site.


4. Circular and horseshoe shaped sites are auspicious as this denotes lots of financial luck.


5. Do not buy land on the top of a hill or on the beach.  If the property is on the beach then it should be at the end of the bay or in a small cove and not facing the sea directly or not facing a very fast flowing river.


6. A small or medium sized lake in front of the site is good and so is a site facing a meandering river. Nowadays roads have the same effect as the rivers.


7. A property on a busy street with steady moving traffic with regulating traffic lights etc is good provided there are no other Feng Shui hindrances like electricity poles, Church spires or crosses that point in the direction of your site, stabilizers in front of the main gate to the plot. This is a better location than one situated on the highway or in an area where there is fast flowing traffic.  A road pointing towards your main gate is considered inauspicious.


8. You should have plots in an area where the buildings have different heights since this produces the impression of a wave or water which brings good financial luck.


9.  If your business has the main gate facing East or Southeast, place a metal wind chime. If the poison arrow is coming from the North use an earth element to counter it. Placing a water feature at the main gate counteracts the poison arrow from the South.


10. Get your building evaluated by a professional Feng Shui Consultant, so that you know where the Sha Chi is present in the building and how to use it to your advantage.

These simple points shall help you get maximum turn over from your business establishment. It is said a well planned beginning is the key to a successful business.

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