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As we are aware, Feng Shui is symbolic in nature and this huge collection of symbols brings prosperity, good luck and good fortune. To name a few, Double happiness symbol stand for love and marriage, the Dragon Turtle  symbolizes protection , longevity , promotions at work  and stability, while the Arrowana  stands for  wealth and abundance of all kind. Placing these objects in their right directions can bring you good luck. Given below are examples of few Feng Shui symbols that can bring prosperity, health and protection in your life.


 1. Good Luck Chinese Coins: These coins are tied with red thread in groups of three represents sharing wealth and luck. When they are gifted to others they bring good luck and positive feng shui to both the giver and the receiver.

2. Three-Legged Toad: The three legged toad with a Chinese coin in its mouth, should be placed either facing inside near your main door or diagonally opposite your main door facing the door of your house or office. This is a very important symbol of wealth, long life and good fortune.



3. Dragon Turtle: A golden dragon turtle promises to enhance your business and carrier luck. Place a golden dragon turtle in the prosperity corner (Southeast) of your office or at home facing the door to enhance wealth and prosperity luck. When placed behind your seat at work it offers support. When placed in the east sector of your office or house it promotes health and long life. You need to place it in such a way so that it should not face you directly and at a coffee table level.


4. Pair of Fu Dogs: When placed outside at your entrance or inside your homes or offices facing the main door, they provide protection to you from all evil things or energies around you .They guard your homes and do not let any negative energy enter your homes or offices. They are placed in pairs with the male Fu dog on the right side when looking out of your door and the female on the left side.


5. Golden Antahkarna Wulu: When placed in the direction which has the illness star 2 as per flying star Feng Shui, it is a very potent cure to fight this star.


6. Fuk Luk Sau: These three gods are never worshipped but their presence is a must in the house to gain health, longevity, wealth, prosperity and progeny. They can be placed in the dining rooms or living rooms high up so that they are revered upon.


7. Wealth Pots: Fill metal or crystal bowls with real coins and place it in the North West corner of your home or office hidden from people .It brings you immense wealth.


8. Wealth Ships: These are placed sailing in from your individual wealth directions into your offices or living rooms, but never facing the door. They are loaded with golden coins, gems and gold ingots. They are to be made of specific material as per their sitting directions. Ships to be placed in the south, east or south east direction should be made of wood. The ones in the southwest or north east to be made of ceramic or pottery and the ones in south west , north west and north direction to be made of metal.


9. Mandarin Ducks: Place these in pair as male and female duck in the south west of your bedroom to enhance love and marriage .They should be made either of clay or rose quartz.


Like the few mentioned above there is a whole variety of such auspicious symbols which when used judiciously enhance your love, wealth ,health , carrier , business, and give you protection.

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