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  100 Quick Feng Shui Tips (Part I) Feature Products

1. Place a water bowl with salt, one white flower and a one floating turtle in the north of your living to enhance career and ward off negativities.

2. A picture of a water body could be a river, sea or fountain in the North of the office or living room will ensure wealth flowing towards you.

3. Three metal bells tied together with red ribbon when hung on the outside of your main door brings in positive energy and good luck every time you open the door.

4. Place an empty yellow box in the North East of your study or temple room to enhance knowledge, academics and spiritual pursuits. It is especially beneficial for the youngest son of your family.

5. Library is always recommended to be made in the northeast of your living room or the house.

6. Green healthy plants in the East of your house encourage good health. It also brings good luck to the eldest son in your family.

7. Happy family portrait in the west encourages brotherhood among the family members.

8. Place three green bamboos s tied with a red ribbon in the East to better relations with your grown up children.

9. Place painting of green forests with deep twirling path to energize the east direction of your house so as to bring good vibes and harmony in the house.

10. Place four green bamboos tied with red ribbon in the south east direction in your living room to activate your wealth sector.

11. Place a fish tank with eight gold fishes and one black one in the north direction to enhance money luck and improve business / career.

12. Place four green jade plants in the South East to bring in great wealth luck.

13. Place coloured marbles, crystal tumbles, 9 Chinese coins, 9 golden ingots in crystal bowl in the south and light a diya with mustard oil on it every day to enhance money.

14. Place red wishful filling cow image in the south of your living room to bring you money luck.

15. Light 9 red colour candles everyday in the south direction to increase your name, fame and wealth.

16. Place your awards, photographs, trophies, merits and achievements in the South to bring you more fame and success.

17. Place a wooden image of phoenix high up on the south wall in the living room to increase your opportunities and fame.

18. Yellow flowers displayed in the South West enhance friendship.

19. Two Pink crystal flowers or two pink candles in the South West of your bedroom enhances your love relationship.

20. Place lots of crystals in the South West to increase your relationship luck between all family members. Especially with the women in the house.

21. Place your compute fax, telephone and all electronic gadgets in the West to enhance creativity.

22. Children bedroom in the West increases their good luck.

23. Where ever possible hang faceted clear crystals to catch sun rays so that they throw a spectrum of colours which wards off negativity and brings happiness.

24. Place your wishes in the North West under a crystal globe and twirl it clock wise three times daily to realize your dreams.

25. Place metal objects of circular shape in the west to enhance the positive energy of this direction.

26. Seven tiny metal bells or crystals tied with a red thread when hung in the West actualizes and speeds up your deals..

27. Place a white conch in the North West to bring you overseas travel luck.

28. Place pictures of your mentors in the North West to get their favours.

29. Hang 6 clear quartz crystals together in the North West to attract help of tangible form in any matter.

30. Place a metal turtle or a white flower in metal vase in the north sector for carrier luck.

31. Do not have red, orange or green colour in the north direction as it would harm your wealth and carrier.

32. Mirrors and water indoors in the North East are not good to be displayed..

33. Place pottery or crystals in the north east to increase the positive energy of this sector. You can place eight quartz crystals tied together here to increase academic luck. This is especially good for the youngest son in the house.

34 .Avoid clutter in the South East as it blocks money.

35 .Too much red or fire in the South east can create fights and friction in your home. Too much fire or red in the south can bring bad name.

37. Broken things and clutter in the South West bring unhappiness in the marriage.

38. Kitchens in the South West are bad for the woman of the house and cause mal nutrition.

39. Avoid mirrors in the South West or in your bedroom as it will bring people who will interfere in your marriage.

40. Never place your bed in such a way so that it reflects in the mirror.

41. Never put decayed or dead flowers, photographs of dead people, water bodies and unsteady objects like swings etc. in the South West bring suffering and ill health.

42. Sharp objects like daggers and swords displayed in the west cause conflicts and large windows in the west cause headaches.

43. Anything kept disorderly in the North West direction brings in confusion to the male head of the family at home and if kept in the office it affects the male boss.

44. Paint your walls as per the desired colour of that particular direction and never use textures that create points or sharp edges.

45. Your walls should be well maintained and no cracks or chipped paint must be corrected immediately as it creates negative energy.

46. Broken glass panes, frames of windows or any broken object should be repaired immediately.

47. Paintings of wild animals, crying unhappy people, any negative thoughts depicting paintings, sinking ships or plane crashes should not be displayed in your homes and offices.

48. No carcasses or horns of dead animals should be displayed in your homes. As it brings in sadness and fights among family members.

49. Sitting under the beam at dinner table causes financial loses and sleeping under one causes separation, stress, illness or fights among the couple.

50. A beam over your main entrance blocks opportunities coming your way and over your gas stove brings in poverty.

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