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  100 Quick Feng Shui Tips (Part II) Feature Products

51. Kitchen should not be visible from the main door.

52. Toilets should not be visible from the main door.

53. Toilets should be well ventilated.

54. The toilet door should be kept always closed and you can place some sea salt in a crystal bowl to do away any negativity.

55. Never  position your bed in front of the toilet door.

56. Never have staircases visible from the main door in alignment with the main door.

57.  Never have gaps between the steps. 

58.    Staircases should be well lit and never located in the center of the house.

59.    Spiral staircases indoors can have serious effects on the well being of the members.

60.    Never place your gas stove or temple against a toilet wall.

61.    Never place your bed touching the toilet wall.

62.  The seat cover of the pot should be closed when not in use.

63.   Any road coming directly into your house entrance is unlucky.

64.   Any sharp corners from other buildings in your vicinity pointing towards your house causes bad energies.

65. Any building overlooking any burial ground, cemetery or hospitals brings in grief for their occupants.

66.  A curved road in front of a building moving away takes away energy.

67.  A curve with an embracing arm closing in on a building is considered lucky.

68. All door and window hinges in your homes should be well greased as their squeaking produces negative vibes and fights among the family members.

69. To enhance concentration place a clear crystal pencil in the north east of the study table.

70.   To enhance education luck and success in examinations place a 9 level pagoda and two fish crossing the golden dragon gate in the north east of your study table or study room.

71. Never place the study table against a window as it creates gaps in concentration. 

72.  Never should children study on their beds as it decreases their concentration. 

73.   A crystal bowl with fresh fruits especially oranges placed on the dining table brings luck.

74.  While at dining table all should sit facing their health direction as per their kua number.

75.  Never place water tap and gas stove side by side or opposite to one another in the kitchen.

76.  All storage should come on the south, southwest or west side of the kitchen. 

77.  Mopping your floor with a handful of salt added to the water cleanses and energizes your home.

78. Burn out a candle and throw grains of salt in every corner of the house day after an event or large gathering takes place to remove any negativity left by the people.

79. Always display protective symbols like Swastika, Trishul, Fu Dogs, Kalchakra plaque etc on your main door to ward off evil.

80. Your name plate should be bold and made of the material suitable as per the sitting direction of your houses. Keep it well maintained. Your house number should be displayed boldly.

81. None of your doors should squeak or make noises when opened or closed .The hinges should be oiled timely.

82. Beautify your main door as it creates good energy for your house. As per the direction of your house you can decorate it with plants, fountains or any positive energy artefacts.

83. Make sure your main door opens into an open space, be it a small foyer and not directly in any room .

84. Make sure you should not have  any door or window in line with the main door , opening out of your home ,as this will not let the positive energy sit in your house. It will come in from one door and go out from the opposite outlet.

85. Place a brown mat at the door if there is a staircase going down too close to the entrance.

86. Never keep foot wear at the entrance, in case you cannot avoid then keep it covered in a shelf.

87. Never crowd your home with furniture. Place it in such a way so that there is free flow of air in a clockwise direction.

88. Never place your  alter in your kitchen or bedroom.

89. Avoid water or its paintings in your bedrooms.

90. Daily mop your floors with powered sea salt in your mop water.

91. In each room especially toilets place crystal bowl filled sea salt, to purify the house .Make sure to change it fortnightly.

92. First in the morning after you are up play nice soothing music  and burn incense to start your day on a good note.

93. Display laughing Buddha either facing or diagonally opposite to the main entrance.

94. Ensure that each one of your family member sits at the dining table facing their health direction. You can find it by logging on to the lunar calendar on our website.

95. While at work always sit facing your wealth direction which can be found from your Kua number.

96. It is believed that the more you walk on coins the more wealth you acquire. You should put three Chinese coins tied with red ribbon in multiples of three under your carpets, mattress of your bed; embed them in your walls, under your living room or office floors, when constructing new houses.

97. Never place water body inside your home, on the right side of your main door when looking inside out ,as it encourages the man of the house to have illicit relationships.

98. Always keep wooden objects or plants in the east, south east or south direction to activate these sectors.

99. Place metal objects in West, Northwest or North directions to activate their goodness.

100. Never try Feng Shui placements without a thorough knowledge of directions. You should always take consultation from a good expert as wrong placements can have adverse effects.

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