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The Southeast direction of your house or office is the universal wealth or prosperity corner.

1. Place furniture made of wood or put some green colour over there so as to activate this corner. Do not put any red colour in this area, as the element of this direction is small wood, and fire or red colour exhausts this element.


2. Place basil, rosemary, cinnamon, ginger, sage and parsley jars in this direction as these spices attract wealth. You can even place small pots of these living herbs or large amounts of these herbs in jars in this direction in your kitchen.


3. To increase the water element which sustains wood, place large jars of liquids or oils in this corner of your kitchen, especially that of olive oil.


4. Pictures of fish, or copper moulds that have a fish theme will increase your wealth in this direction.

5. Paint your kitchen with shades of green or purple.

6. Avoid any display of metal in this corner of your kitchen as metal destroys wood.


7. In case your bedroom is in this direction, use shades of green and purple with your linens, rugs and wallpaper.

8. Ivy wall paper or pots of live ivy can help increase wealth.

9. In case bath room falls in this sector, use shades of gold and silver as possible with red purple and green accents.


10. Make sure you do not have a mirror in your bathroom that is reflecting the toilet.


11. A rectangular bath mat is better than a square one in this location.


12. Cover your toilet seat when not in use and avoid leakage of water in your homes.


13. Place figurines of sailing boats, ships, waterfall, sea, beaches with tides rising towards you or wealth ships in this direction, but only in living room or dining room. Make sure these are not pictures depicting a stormy sea.


14. Keep your home well lit and energized. Place camphor dispensers so as to ward of negative energies. Poverty is created in places where negative energy can accumulate such as shadowy nooks and sunken living rooms.


15. Make sure your furniture does not have sharp corners as it creates negative energy.


16. Do not use heavy stone or marble coffee tables as they can act as prosperity blocks.


17. Hang hollow wooden flutes in a pair or hollow metal chimes, under any beam to counteract any bad energy.


18. Place jade or stems of four lucky bamboos tied together with red ribbon in the Southeast of your living room.


19. You can place a single Arowana in the Southeast to increase wealth luck.


20. You can place a bubbling fountain or aquarium in the Southeast corner of your living room to enhance the water element which is associated with prosperity.


21. Glass table top on wooden frame is best suited for tables in this corner.


22.  A painting or aquarium with eight goldfish and one black goldfish is thought to bring protection as well as prosperity to a business.

23. Images of three golden garlic pods tied together, image of wish fulfilling cow and jade when displayed in the Southeast corner enhances wealth luck.

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