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  The Colour of Wealth is Blue in Feng Shui Feature Products

The blue colour represents water and is considered as a yin colour in Feng Shui. It represents the North direction and is responsible for wealth, career and business.

Apart from its positive attributes it is also considered a danger when not placed in the right direction and right form. Despite this dangerous energy, it is considered the most dynamic element to create wealth in Feng Shui. In comparison to the other elements of Feng Shui, namely wood, fire, earth and metal, this is considered the most effective in increasing or creating wealth luck when used judiciously. Generally, whenever we talk about water, the colour Blue comes to our mind.

Follow these simple tips if you want more money to come your way:

1. Paint your main door in a rich colour of blue, if your home faces Southeast, North, East, or Southwest.


2. Wear jewellery made of metal and blue coloured stones. Metal produces water in Feng Shui, so wearing silver is very lucky.


3. In Feng Shui, everything comes from nothing. The colour blue and water is symbolic of the New Moon. So from the dark moon gradually rises the full moon. It is said that one should plant new seeds on the new moon day. Moreover, the Chinese New Year also starts from the day of the new moon.


4. Keep blue wallets and purses especially in 2012, which is the water dragon year, so as to increase your income and accumulated money.


5. The Annual Star of Romance and Education Number 4 is activated by blue colour which represents water in Feng Shui. Wherever the annual 4 Star visits, that is the spot to add blue. This will help you get recognition, more so if you are teacher, lecturer, journalist, and student or are connected to academics. For the unmarried it helps you find the right partner and those already married it will help to rekindle your lost passion without over-stimulating the four star so as to invite a third party to the romance.


6. In Feng Shui, blue colour is associated with the North, the direction of career and business opportunity. Whenever you need to activate this direction, use blue colour along with water to increase the potential of this direction. You can put blue colour fountains in the North direction in your living rooms and offices. Add blue colour to the North to stimulate income and generate money.


7. To accumulate wealth as in stock portfolio, investment or savings accounts add blue to the Southeast wealth sector of your living room. Place your financial investment papers in blue files and put them in the Southeast sector of your living room or your cupboards.


8. For a layman whatever the reason for you to use blue colour, make sure you use it in the North, East and Southeast directions only, as in any other direction it can have negative effects.

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