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  The Colour of Health is Green in Feng Shui Feature Products

The green colour promotes good health and positive growth. In Feng Shui, green relates to new growth, expansion, hope, new beginnings and the East and Southeast direction. These two directions give health and wealth. The Southeast relates to Small Wood, and the East relates to Big Wood. The colour Green represents healing, regeneration, wellness and wealth. Follow these tips to get advantage from the colour Green.

1. Place a green colour light in the East and Southeast to promote health, growth and wealth producing potential.


2. Use green colour to rejuvenate when feeling tired, wear green colour to help you feel more energetic and to promote healing.


3. Place a Green Wood Dragon between 112.5-127 degrees in the living room at your eye level to boost health and wealth.


4. Green brings recognition as it produces fire from Green Wood in Feng Fhui. Being surrounded by green luscious plants especially green bamboos can help you become more famous and give you more appeal.


5. Green colour represents the Yang energy, it shows upward movement and positive growth. You can use as much green as you desire. Have beautifully landscaped gardens.


6. Green promotes healing. If your health has been problematic, wear green colours and spend time with nature. Always use clear greens and not muddy ones. You can use green bed sheets and curtains in the room of a recovering patient to speed up his recovery. That is the reason so many hospitals use so much green colour.


7. Green is the colour of expansion, growth and regeneration which makes it perfect colour for getting unstuck and moving forward. If you feel life is stuck up and not moving, then paint a room green, wear green colours and eat a lot of greens. In short surround yourself with green colour to give you a momentum.


8. As a layman whatever you use Green colour for remember to use it in the East, Southeast and South direction only, as in other directions it can be dangerous.

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