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  Annual Flying Star Forecast 2013 Feature Products

The Lunar New Year falls on 10th February 2013 but as far as Classical Feng Shui is concerned; the New Year is on February 4th. That will be the time when the annual Feng Shui energy shift occurs. So please make your placements on this day to continue enjoying the good energies in this year of the Snake 2013.

1. White Star NORTH

This Star is located in the North sector this year bringing triumph and fame. It brings career and business enhancement. Spend maximum time here and reap its benefit, especially suitable for the middle son of the family and for those who have the Rat zodiac sign. It helps you attain victory over your competitors and in overcoming obstacles in the work place. To activate this sector place  a water feature, a horse figurine, a Victory Banner, a brass Dragon Tortoise, Victory Warrior Flag, golden Kuan Kung, 6 Rod Metal Chime, Medallion for Success and Wishfulfilling and Golden Bejewelled Dragon for Success Pendant.

2. Illness Star SOUTHWEST

This year the illness star resides in the Southwest sector bringing sickness and illness especially related to miscarriage and the digestive system. It will mostly affect those belonging to the Sheep and Monkey zodiac signs and the mother, grandmother or older females of the family. Avoid using this sector. Suppress the illness energy of this star with Antahkarna Wu Lou and Six Rod Wind Chimes. Display Medicine Buddha Script, Bejewelled Medicine Buddha, wear Tigers Eye Wu Lou Pendant for Health Luck, or carry a Wu Lou amulet.

3. Hostile Star EAST

This year it resides in the East sector bringing hostility and lawsuits, disagreements, heated arguments, misunderstandings and in extreme cases, legal complications. It will affect the First son or those using this sector, along with the members of the Rabbit zodiac sign. Health issues related to the liver, gall bladder, foot and arms may arise. Harmony of families and safety of marriages will be affected. Supress it with  Flaming Red Crystal Ball, Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque, 4 inch Ksitigarbha Staff, Manjushri Flaming Sword, Bejeweled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword and Ksitigarbha Fireball. Carry a Flaming Magic Wheel Keychain and remove any water or wood energy from this sector.

4. Romance Star SOUTHEAST

This star resides in the Southeast this year bringing love and scholastic luck. It is a star of beauty, knowledge and learning. The first daughter, Dragon and Snake-born, and those single or unmarried residing in this corner will benefit tremendously from this timely star. To promote romance luck energize it by displaying Mandarin Ducks, Double Happiness Symbol, Dragon and Phoenix , Double Carp Crystal Pyramid, Rose Quartz and a pair of Rose Quartz Hearts. To promote education and literary luck, place a Crystal Point, Crystal Tree, Crystal Ball or Wen Chang Pagoda. A water fountain such as the Double Dragon Water Feature and a 3 inch 6 Rod Metal Chime is ideal. But not too much water as it brings infidelity and a cheating spouse.

5. Yellow Misfortune Star CENTRE

This star resides in the centre this year bringing misfortune and bad luck, which includes fatal accidents and diseases. This area should be avoided completely wherever possible. Keep this area inactive by avoiding creating any loud sounds coming from the TV or radio in this sector. Supress it with a Five Element Pagoda, Trinity Pagoda, The Five Element Pagoda Ringing Bell, Luck Transforming Fan, the Tree of Life 5 Element Pagoda and 6 Rod Metal Chime. Keep doors and windows closed and avoid any construction or renovation in this area. A Bejewelled Five Element Pagoda Feng Shui Pendant is also a good carry-along protection amulet for this misfortune star.

6. Heavenly Star NORTHWEST

This star brings good fortune as it brings good luck straight from heaven. It brings enhanced status and authority, good name and reputation. The patriarch or elderly men of the family will be more affected. People who gamble or invest will benefit from this auspicious star. Energize with sound and activity, place Figures of Dragons or Horses, 6 Big Smooth Coins, Six Coins Feng Shui Tassel, Bejewelled Tree of Life with Birds and Coins, 6 Rod Metal ChimeAmmonite Shell on Stand, Crystal Feng Shui Lotus Flower, Clear Quartz Crystal Point Cluster and Six Golden Feng Shui Coins Tassels. Carry a Heaven Luck Activator Keychain. Also place White Dzambhala Wealth God, Green Tara (preferably made of metal or earth materials) in this direction. Place a Ru Yi, Six Crystal Balls or Six Metal Coins to enjoy the help of powerful mentors, career enhancement and harmony in the family.

7. Violent Star WEST

This star brings theft, burglary and violence. It is a metal element associated with violence, financial loss, theft and injuries. It affects the youngest daughter or young ladies, people who spend a lot of time in this sector, as well as those born in the year of Monkey, Rooster and Dog. Sickness related to the mouth and teeth may surface. To suppress it, place a pair of Blue Rhinoceros, Anti Burglary Plaque, hang or carry a Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet or a Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet and Water Blue Rhinoceros Hum Keychain.

8. Wealth Star NORTHEAST

This star brings wealth luck and prosperity. The youngest son of the family or the youth who benefits most from it. The animal signs of Ox and Tiger will benefit from it too. It brings good financial returns and strong career advancement. Activate it further using Crystals, the Infinity or Mystic Knot Symbols, Five Element Feng Shui Crystal Balls, Star of David Crystal Balls, Bejewelled Mystic Knot and Crystal Mystic Knot Tassels. Carry a Bejewelled Mystic Knot Keychain and wear a Halved Ammonite Pendant. Place Amethyst, Aventurine or Citrine Gem Tree with Nine Coins, Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster, Crystal Pyramid, Aventurine, 8 Auspicious Objects with Golden Om Pendant, Amethyst Quartz Crystal Balls on Star of David Symbol, Aventurine Crystal, Red Robe Laughing Buddha Water Feature, Crystal Balls on Hexagram Symbol and Clear Quartz Crystal Ball on Hexagram Symbol in the Northeast of your office and room. In this sector, place Liuli Double Dragon Wealth Pot Feng Shui Water Feature, Figure 8 Water Feature, Red Robe Laughing Buddha Water Feature, The Power of 8 Lucky Charm fountain, Golden Arowana Dragon Fish for Abundance, Tibetan Wealth God Jambhala and Golden Money Toad Chan Chu.


 9. Future Prosperity Star SOUTH 

This star enhances the luck in order to have a positive outcome in the future, bringing new beginnings, new ventures and happy events more so for the middle daughters. To further enhance its attributes you can display a Red Mantra Ball with Stand or the Bejewelled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword, Wishfulfilling Red Jewel, 9 Ring Sword Keychain, 9 Ring Dragon Sword, 9 Wealth Gods Sitting On A Ship, set of three Mini Money Frog for Wealth in this sector. Moreover, keep this part of the house or office brightly lit. Use lots of red upholstery and place bejewelled Feng Shui Mystic Knot Golden Key Chain. Wear 9 Eye Dzi With 6mm Obsidian Crystal Necklace or 9 Eye Dzi With 6mm Tigers Eye Crystal Necklace. Place golden Kuan Kung.


Tai Sui this year resides in the South East 3. It brings all sorts of miseries and bad luck. Do not sit facing it and keep this direction very quiet. The best remedy is to place a pair of Pi Yao in the location of the Grand Duke and carry amulets for protection.


San Sha or The Three Killings is in the East, which brings financial loss, accidents, calamities, obstacles and setbacks. It is acceptable to face the San Sha, but it is not advisable to sit with your back to San Sha. Place the 3 Celestial Guardians of Fu Dog, Chi Lin & Pi Yao in this direction or carry amulets of their images.


Sui Po is also known as the Year Clash and always diametrically opposes the Tai Sui. This year it is in the North West 3. You can face the Sui Po, but it is not advisable to sit in the Sui Po because it is unfortunate. Placing a Pi Yao here facing the Tai Sui serves the double purpose of nullifying the Sui Po and at the same time appeasing the Tai Sui.                            .              


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