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  Things that Ruin Good Feng Shui for Homes Feature Products

A living room at home that promotes contentment, harmony, and success is governed by the creation of a Feng Shui friendly environment. A home that is dirty and disorganized makes the inhabitants tired, struggling and frustrated. There is no prosperity in such houses. You must take note of the following to access your homes.

Negative, Sad, or Harmful Images or Objects

When watching television, do not see programs which are negative in nature, as their energy lingers around your living room. Urns of cremation ashes or crosses out of the coffins of loved ones are not good to display in the house. These cause low income to low vitality as well as relationship problems.


Shoes pick up all kinds of dirt, germs, and energy. Place shoes confined to entrances and exits so that their negative energy should not spread in the entire house.

Bad Odours

Good smelling houses have good Feng Shui, so never try to cover up odours. Instead eliminate the foul smelling source. Air your house everyday and also let the sunshine come in as it shall kill a lot of illness producing germs.

Closets and Cupboards Need Attention

Places which appear to be clean from the outside may be filled with junk from the inside. Do away with trash and mess and let fresh energies gather around your house. Do away with all the things which have no use to you. Do not collect any emotional baggage.

Negative Things

Any thing which is illegal or stolen, things which are banned like drugs et cetera attract negative energy towards themselves and in turn play havoc in your lives.

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