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The rules of Feng Shui not only apply to humans, but also to animals. They are known to live in harmony with the energies that surround them. We have to get down at see through there eyes. Often the area closest to the floor is the most neglected from a housekeeping point of view. Animals are naturally drawn to harmony and beauty and will seek it out whenever possible. They like clean places, their food containers should be clean and also they should have clean drinking water within easy reach at all times. If your pets are happy, the house will be full of positive energies and you shall prosper.

They totally depend on us for their living, hence we are duty bound to take good care of them since we chose them to be a part of our lives. Good Feng Shui is when everything is clean and in order. All pets enhance your life, as they are a source of yang energy.

They know what areas have positive and negative energy. It is said that cats absorb the negative energy so as to keep people away from any negative effects. Dogs on the other hand recycle it. The negative energy is absorbed through them, transformed, and then sent out as positive. All you have to do is to follow these basic rules when keeping a pet to ensure you continue enjoying positive energy in your life:

1. Take care of them like they are a part of your own family. Keep their sleeping places and mats clean.

2. Your pet should be happy and playful. They should be taught to be friendly with your guests and people staying in the house.

3. The bedding of cats should be blue, black or green. Red is a bad colour for them.

4. Dogs should have brown or yellow colours for them.

5. Keep all wirings and electrical fittings closed as pets tend to be inquisitive.

6. Make sure they have their own set of bedding and that they should not be allowed on your bed, as this puts them on an equal footing with people. Which makes them overbearing on us.

7. Pets should make you feel loved and not scared of them as this creates bad energy in the house.

8. Pictures of your healthy pets can be placed in the health and family sectors  to bring  strong physical health and fulfilling relationships.

9.  Cats by nature  go to the most negative parts of a home, and dogs by nature go to the most positive parts of a home. So keep a look out and learn from your pets.

10. The name that you give to your pet should have positive aspiration attached to it. This will make them lucky for you.

11. Any ailing pet should be attended to immediately as it is a warning that some one in your home shall fall sick soon.

12. In the end make sure to give them quality time as they also seek love and attention. A happy pet makes a happy home.

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