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  Annual Flying Star Forecast 2014 Feature Products

The Lunar New Year falls on 31st January 2014 but as far as Classical Feng Shui is concerned; the New Year is on February 4th. That will be the time when the annual Feng Shui energy shift occurs. So please make your placements on this day to continue enjoying the good energies in this year of the Wood Horse 2014.

1. White Star

This brings good mentor luck, career luck and victory luck in competitive pursuits so as to get success. It will help people in business and politics. To activate it further display Feng Shui Victory Banner, Brass Dragon Tortoise with Ruyi, Bejewelled Blue Dragon or Bejewelled Horse Carrying Jewel in the Southwest of your living room or office. This will help you triumph over enemies, foes, obstacles, competition, problems and obstructions. The female members of the house will benefit from this star. It is especially beneficial to Sheep or Monkey. Carry a Victory Banner with Mystic Knot and Evil Eye Keychain, Wind horse Carrying Flaming Jewel Keychain, Victory Banner with Success Amulet Keychain or Medallion for Success and Wish fulfilling. This direction is favourable for wealth, official fortune, love and brings promotion, tourism and education luck. Place Crystal ball, vases, and large leaved plants in this direction. Wenchang Tower can be placed on this side to enhance your career, emotional movement and marriage aspects. Display image of General Hua Mu Lan in the Southwest. Further enhance it by the presence of a powerful Warrior General. Men can benefit from the image of General Chao Chao, or the horseback riding Lord Kubera. Women in positions of power can maximise their luck with the image of General Hua Mu Lan placed here in the Southwest. Also, place a cup of water in this direction.

2. Illness Star

To cure this illness star affliction, place metallic cures very prominently in the afflicted sector. Place Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals, Antahakarna Wulou or Bejewelled Medicine Buddha in this direction. Take extra care if you are sleeping in a bedroom or are living in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the East sector.In this case the first son, and people born in the year of Rabbit, Tiger and Dragon will feel the negativity more. Carry or display Medicine Buddha Script. Wear a Aventurine Pendant for Health Luck and hang or place a Jade Wu lou at your bedside. Place  the Longevity Knowledge Vase or the 8 Sugata Medicine Buddhas in this sector. Those whose bedrooms are in the East should place the Golden Wu Lou with Sau by the bedside. Place a bunch of keys in this direction.

3. Hostile Star

This quarrelsome star brings quarrels and misunderstanding in relationships rangi ng from those that areintimate to professional. It brings hostilities, litigations, and even physical assault. Keep the Southeast sector quiet as excessive sound, movement and disturbance will activate its ill effects. To subdue its effect display the Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque, Feng Shui Fire Red Ball or the Flaming Magic Wheel with Sword in this direction. Avoid sleeping in this direction or using the room located in this direction.

This star majorly affects the first daughter, and those born in the year of Snake and Dragon. Carry or wear amulets such as the Peace and Harmony Amulet Keychain and Ksitigarbha Fireball with Mantra Keychain. Placement of the 9 Amulet Cure and the Double Pyramid Red Goddess Mirror in this direction is highly recommended. The Snake, Dragon and Eldest Daughter should carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet throughout the year. Place red or pink cushions in this direction.

4. Romance Star

This star brings harmony and happiness to love relationships. Do not put water in this position as it can cause the conditions for infidelities for the married. For prevention, married couples should carry Rooster with Fan Keychain, Flower of Romance Keychain or Medallion for Protection from Third Party Interference Pendant. Enhance this star by displaying Bejewelled Double Happiness with Peonies, Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf or Rose Quartz Puff Heart for Love Luck in the centre of your home. This star is also known as the academic star. It brings success to those engaged in educational, literary and writing fields. Enhance with Crystal Globe, crystal pencil point or 7 Level Feng Shui Pagoda.

Those wishing to find a new partner or to stabilise their marriage can activate the centre with the Double Happiness Lovebirds or the Mandarin Ducks on Aventurine Leaf. This star also brings excellent prospects for the young. School going children and college students can benefit by displaying the Carp Jumping over the Dragon Gate. Place a bamboo plant in this direction.

5. Yellow Misfortune Star

This Misfortune Star brings tragedies, mishaps and bad luck. The best way to treat the five yellow is simply to leave it alone and undisturbed. Display Bejewelled Earth Stupa, 6 inch Five Element Pagoda, 5 Element Om Ah Hum Singing Bell with Tree of Life or Five Level Brass Wind chimes with 6 Hollow Rods in  Northwest to supress its effect. Its effects are more felt by the father or the male head of the family, those born in the year of Dog and Boar, people sleeping in the bedroom in NW, or residing in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the NW sector or facing the NW direction. To counteract it, carry or wear amulets such as the Bejewelled Kalachakra Stupa Keychain, 5 Element Pagoda with Seed Syllable Keychain and Bejewelled Five Element Pagoda Pendant. Display Vairocana Stupa in the Northwest. Also place the 5 Element OM AH HUM Singing Bell with Tree of Life or the Bejewelled Kalachakra Stupa. All fathers and grandfathers should carry the Kalachakra Stupa with HUM keychain throughout the year. Place a cup of water in this direction.

6. Heavenly Star

The number 6 brings prosperity luck, as well as power and authority luck. Those who gamble will benefit if their rooms are located in the West sector of their homes. To activate this star place 6 Big Smooth Coins, 6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque or Six Smooth Round Citrine Crystal Balls in this direction. Keep this direction clutter free. It positive effects are felt more by the youngest daughter and those born in the year of Monkey, Dog and Rooster. To activate it  carry or wear amulets such as the Six Golden Feng Shui Coins Tassels and Bejewelled Five 6 Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging.

Enhance it further by placing the image of the Jade Emperor holding the Sun & Moon Windchime or the Amitabha Buddha Windchime. Young daughters can carry the Heaven Luck Activator to benefit from this star throughout the year. This location also enjoys the amazing 1 and 6 Ho Tu combination which brings the scholastic luck. Children living in the West room can benefit significantly if they also carry the 1 and 6 Ho Tu Mirror or display it in the West corner of their bedrooms. Place a cup of water in this direction.

7. Violent Star

This brings violence, financial losses, robbery, bloodshed and people who cheat you. Northeast facing or sitting houses would be affected by it the most. Display a Double Blue Rhinoceros figure, Anti Burglary Plaque or Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros in this direction. You can hang them in your car to prevent car from theft. The youngest son, those born in the year of Ox and Tiger, people sleeping in the bedroom in NE, or residing in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the NE sector or facing the NE direction will feel the impact of this violent star the most. Carry protection amulets such as the Double Horned Blue Rhinoceros Anti Burglary Amulet and Water Blue Rhinoceros Hum Keychain. Hang Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet or Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet.

Display the Five Element Yin Water Cure in the NE. Those with entrances and back doors facing Northeast should carry the Anti Burglary Amulet or wear the Anti Burglary Scarf. On the plus side, this location enjoys the 2 and 7 Ho Tu special that brings big money luck. Tap this good fortune by displaying the 2 and 7 Ho Tu Mirror in this corner of the house. Place a cup of water in this direction.

8. Wealth Star

This brings improved income, wealth luck you may experience happy occasions in the family. To enhance it further display the Crystal Number 8 symbol, Citrine Crystal Ball for Wealth Luck, Eight Auspicious Objects Crystal Ball or Obsidian Crystal Ball with Heart Sutra in the South direction. Keep the South clutter free. The middle daughter, those born in the year of Snake, Horse and Sheep, people sleeping in the bedroom in South, or residing in a house with the main entrance or living room located in the South sector or facing the South direction will benefit from this fortunate star the most. To further enhance this positive effect carry or wear a Jade Mystic Knot Lucky Charm Hanging, Mystic Knot Pendant with Swarovski Crystals, or Jade Mystic Knot Bracelet. Hang Colourful Crystal Liuli Mystic Knot Tassels in your vehicle. Place a cup of water in this direction.

Enhance it with the 8 Immortals on a Mountain and the Vairocana Stupa. This location also enjoys the amazing 3 and 8 Ho Tu combination which brings the luck of power. Those in politics, or desiring more authority and promotion at work should display the 3 and 8 Ho Tu Mirror in the South.

9. Future Prosperity Star

This purple Flying star represents future prosperity and brings excellent good luck to the North direction. The number 9 is also known as the star of completion and magnifying. As a number of completions, it brings important projects started prior to this year to a successful conclusion. As a magnifying star, it strengthens the effects of the luck of the monthly flying star, good or bad.

Enhance it by displaying the Red Mantra Ball with Stand, 9 Rings Dragon Sword, and Bejewelled Red Dragon with Flaming Sword in this sector, the Six Rod Victory Banner Wind Chime or Nine Feng Shui Coins Tassels. Keep the North brightly lit but do not create noise or disturbance here as the Tai Sui is in direct conflict in North. You benefit more if  the main entrance to your house, or your bedroom, is located in the North sector, or if you are the middle son, or a Rat, Ox or Boar born. Carry a 9 Ring Sword Keychain to magnify its effect.

Enhanced further by displaying the King Gesar Plaque and the Nine Ring Dragon Sword. This location also enjoys the 4 and 9 Ho Tu special which brings a very potent kind of business luck. If you are facing North, sleeping in the North room or have a North facing house, then display the 4 and 9 Ho Tu Mirror in the North this year to magnetise the luck of strong business luck.

Tai Sui

This year Tai Sui is located in South 2 direction. The animal in direct conflict with it is Rat. If the Grand Duke Jupiter or Tai Sui is in direct or indirect conflict with your zodiac sign, make sure to have a protective amulet with you at all times. Zodiac sign offending the Tai Sui will face setbacks and obstacles to success and financial gain.

Never sit facing or sleep with your head pointing to the direction of the Grand Duke Jupiter. No renovation work should be done in this sector. No setting up moving objects such as fish tanks or water fountains in the affected sector is a big no. Place a pair of Pi Yao in the affected sector or just wear the Pi Yao as an amulet. The Sui Po is located in the North 2 direction. Place a pair of Pi Yao facing the Tai Sui.

Three Killings

The North should not be disturbed in any form as it would bring negative consequences that include accidents and mishaps, as well as robberies, loss of wealth, and persistent troubles and problems. The cure is to place Three Divine Guardians or Celestial Guardians. Carry a 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain if your bedroom or office is in this direction.

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