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  Fate and Remedies- Wood Horse Year 2014 Feature Products

The Rat

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Lucky Gem Stone: Garnet

Flower: Narcissus

Auspicious Hours: 11 pm to 1 am

Good Season: Winter

Lucky Colours: Black, White, Purple


This year will be full of twists and turns for these people due to sudden happenings and they will prosper in all aspects of life, be it career, love, money or relationships. Money and friends play a major part this year. Your career and social life could start to pay off at the beginning of the year. It’s not a year to make or take loans, get engaged, relocate to another country, start a business, or anything else that involves a risk or six. You get lots of financial opportunities. Life brightens up for rats who are in a new relationship. It is a year to reflect and learn.

Career and Finance

Those seeking a change of career can go ahead as there are going to be ample opportunities in 2014. Play safe with money during the first half of the year. There is an indication of foreign travel for professionals in the months of July and August 2014. Examinations for promotions at work are best done in the middle of 2014.


At work, there will be a hostile and fighting relationship. This implies that the career path is not smooth and stable. You may have a busy schedule for your job assignments and might have to work extra hours or travel a lot for work. Relocation for new job assignment is possible. A career change or promotion is also possible, but with challenges that if not accepted would lead to a loss of opportunities. Maintaining a low profile is the key to having a peaceful career.


Money related activities will increase and you shall see many money making opportunities coming your way. You have to catch the right opportunity at the right time to make money. You will need lots of wisdom to manage your financial investments and as long as you are not greedy, you will have a stable income. Remember that, it is team work that will help.

Love and Relationships

You will get romantically inclined with Monkey, Dragon, Ox and Rat people and would be least interested in Sheep, Horse and Rabbit people in the coming year. You will feel closer to your partner. Single people will get into a relationship that is emotionally satisfying, provided you can avoid conflicts with friends around. Avoid trusting anyone blindly especially in the period between September to December. This year, avoid being vague in your communication with your partner as it might lead to a lot of misunderstandings and tension. Spend more time to maintain your relationship. As long as Rat people can control their temper, the love relationship will be fine.


You tend to lead a fast life which affects your energy level. Try to rest and relax after work. If you have medical problems related to kidney, bladder or cardiovascular system, then please take extra precautions so as to prevent it from becoming severe in this year. You need to watch out your health and do not indulge in rich and oily food and follow a strict health regime.


Carry the Tai Sui Amulet and display the Tai Sui Plaque in the South of the home. Also display the White Umbrella Goddess Figurine or the White Umbrella Goddess Plaque in your living room. Place the Three Deities Sitting on Tigers in the North. To protect your health, display the Long Life Wu Luo with Longevity God in the East and carry the Health Amulet at all times. To improve money and income luck, display the Bejewelled Wish Fulfilling Tree in your dining room and the Wish Fulfilling Cow on your work desk.

Display the Bejewelled Wind Horse Carrying Flaming Jewel or Wind horse Plaque in your home or office to improve your Success Luck. Carry a Wind horse Carrying Flaming Jewel Keychain or wear a White Wind Horse with Flaming Jewel Pendant.

Protect yourself with Bhrum Keychain, Green Tara Pendant, and Jade Pi Yao Bracelet and place a Jadeite Pair of Feng Shui Pi Yao or Pair of Jadeite Pi Yao in the South location. Carry health amulets like the Three Wu Lou Health Jade Charm to enhance health luck. Place the Arowana for Wealth Luck near you. Also place Five Chinese Emperors Antiquated Brass Coins in North of your home. Carry a Blue Water in Globe Talisman Keychain or your ally keyring.

The Ox

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.

Lucky Gem Stone: Aquamarine

Flower: Carnation

Auspicious Hours: 1to 3 am

Good Season: Winter

Lucky Colours: Green, Yellow, Black


This might be a difficult year as you might face many problems both in personal and professional life which can be overcome with strong willpower and hard work. The key to success this year is adaptability in all spheres. Take special care of your health. Plan not to get involved and just take time out and make cautious decisions. May and August are likely to be eventful months with something significant happening in all aspects of your personal life. Avoid difficult times by being a bit wiser when it comes to trusting others.

Career and Finance

You have the opportunity to build on your career, which can also lead to a rise in income. People looking for a career change have plenty of opportunities throughout the year. To avoid a financial crux it is advisable to always double check the terms and conditions when purchasing something of value. Overall finances will be good as long as you are careful with your outgoings and investments. This year, career luck should be much better than the previous year. Investments in property pay this year. Students aspiring to study abroad have to wait a bit more due to some missing documents. Business people should start new ventures in the second half of this year.

Love and Relationships

There might be fights and arguments in relationships. Support from loved ones might not be up to the mark. You are most compatible with Snake, Rooster, Rat, Rabbit, and Dog. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want, which will help you in strengthening your personal bonds. There are extremely good chances of most of you single people getting engaged this year. Despite the ups and downs in relationships, those of you who are in a committed relationship will see yourself tying the knot or taking your relationship to the next level. Married couples will have to make a few major attitude adjustments, especially towards the end of the year.


Pay attention on the feelings of your lover or spouse. You need to learn to tolerate, accept, understand and forgive the ones you love. Maintain your emotional stability in all situations in the family so as to settle the matters amicably. You are incompatible with Dragon, Sheep and Horse people.


Take precautions while travelling or driving, as you are accident prone and can be hurt by fire elements. You need to follow a strict health regime to avoid medical problems related to intestines and stomach. Eat healthy and follow an exercise routine and de stress yourselves, relax, stay positive and happy. You are prone to lethargy, depression and allergies this year


Carry the Annual Amulet for 2014, the Life Force Enhancing Medallion or wear the Om Pendant, display the Heart Sutra Plaque, place the Mongoose Spouting Jewels in the living room in the North direction. Place Three Deities Sitting On Tigers in the North. Place 2 and 7 Ho Tu Mirror in the Northeast, and directly above it hang the Dragon Wind chime to further amplify the power of the Ho Tu. Carry the Anti Burglary Amulet, display Anti-Burglary Plaque placed in the Northeast.

The Tiger

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Lucky Gem Stone:  Sapphire

Flower: Violet

Auspicious Hours: 3 to 5 am

Good Season: Winter

Lucky Colours: Green, Blue and Yellow 


It will be a boring yet progressive year for these people due to lack of excitement in love life and professional life. Health and relationship luck can get afflicted, but wealth and career luck is good. The fortune of Tiger people is mixed, being both good and bad in 2014. While everything goes smoothly, beware of jealous people around you. Do not take success to head, as good luck might become a misfortune. There could be lucky inheritances and significant travel with compatible people. There could be loads of weddings, new born babies, and lots of parties.

Career and Finance

You will have extra income which implies the opportunity of promotion. Do not be lazy and miss out upon good opportunities. There is a job transfer for those working in some educational field. Avoid investing money in new business ventures or in buying property this year as chances of money loss are high. Students awaiting academic results shall fair well. Your responsibility increases at the work place. This money luck is not from windfall, gambling or risky investment but from hard and sincere work. People will invite you for financial investment which you can accept but not blindly.

Love and Relationships

The love relationship is pretty good. Tiger, Horse and Dog are a very good combination for love relationships. If you are looking for love, then try on people born in year of Horse or year of Dog. If your love relationship is unstable now, then you have to watch anyone sowing discord between you and your lover. You are romantically inclined towards Chinese Horse, Dragon and Dog people and should avoid Monkey, Rabbit and Snake in this year.


You feel healthy and vibrant this year and shall travel a lot. So you need to be watchful of accidents while travelling, especially to your arms or legs. There can be problems related to cardiovascular and digestive systems along with nail or hair problems.


Carry the Health Amulet and display the White Tara Longevity Vase in the Northeast of your home, display The Double Triangle Mirror, the 2 and 7 Ho Tu Mirror in the Northeast above it, hang the Dragon Wind chime, carry the Anti-Burglary Amulet Keychain, display the Anti Burglary Plaque in the Northeast of your home and display the Bejewelled Kubera in your living room.

The Rabbit

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Pisces.

Lucky Gem Stone: Pearl

Flower: Jonquil

Auspicious Hours: 5 to 7 am

Best Season: Spring

Lucky Colours: Grey and White


This year will be a perfect year for such people so as to make many new beginnings, be it in terms of love or career. This year sees you content in all spheres. You will witness joyful and happy events in this year, with parties in paradise and the opportunity to flourish financially.

Career and Finance

This year you make lots of money through your talent. You will handle any challenges of career and earn a good income from it this year. You do not have much chance for a job promotion but there is rise in your salary. Being nice to people and staying away the politics will help you in your career. You will use your talent, appearance, reputation and presentation to earn money both in career or your own business. You must use your intelligence if you want to earn that extra bit. Investing in property, especially land will prove beneficial in the beginning of this year. Some may get great opportunities to switch job by the middle of the year. You can expect a foreign travel with family in the months of November and December, be it for business or holiday. Your expenses will increase, so avoid lending money to friends, as there is a sign of money loss related to friends. You need to spend with caution.

Love and Relationships

Your love life is wonderful. You will impress people and people will pay more attention on you. You will be attracted romantically towards Dog, Dragon and Goat. If looking for new relationship, it will last longer. You do not gel with Rat, Tiger and Rooster. If already in love, you will deepen the bond. The engagement or marriage opportunity is possible. For those married you can go ahead for a new addition to your family.


You need to learn to take enough rest and relaxation. Drive safely as you are accident prone on road this year. You may have some minor muscle aches or back aches.


Display the Big Auspicious Mirror and the Long Life Wu Luo with Longevity God in the East, and carry the Health Amulet. Display a figurine of the General Hua Mulan in the living room or in your office. Place a Golden Ruyi on your work table.

The Dragon

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Aries

Lucky Gem Stone: Amethyst

Flower: Sweet Pea

Auspicious Hours: 7 to 9 am

Best Season: Spring

Lucky Colours: Black and Gold


Dragon people will face different problems this year. By and large this year will be lucky for them in almost all phases of life. Celebration and laughter in family is foreseen for this year. You may get visitors from overseas in the months of September and October 2014. Domestic traveling is definitely on cards.

Career and Finance

You need to identify as to who are your friends and enemies. Always think twice before the next move. Changing job in the beginning of the Year is not a smart move. Professionally, there will be lots of challenges and competition at work. Those connected to sports related fields will get the best of opportunities. You should not make any risky investment. When making the investment, choose water related fields such as marine, transportation, shipping, swimming, drinking, public media, broadcasting, social work or the internet.

Love and Relationships

Not much on the love front, if looking for a partner you stand a better chance in March, August, September and November. You are highly compatible with Rooster, Monkey and Rat people. You do not gel with Ox, Dog and Tiger this year. You are slow in your approach towards love. Try spending time for your family for deepening the love bonds. There are chances of a love marriage for those who are interested in tying the nuptial knot this year.


It is below average as you have pressure from career, finance or love areas. The constant worry and depression can cause weak health. You may suffer only minor flu or cold in this year but will be out of life force. You must drive very carefully as you are accident prone this year. Avoid activities related with water or any water sport. Take good care as to what you eat and make sure you get ample rest.


Carry the Peace & Harmony Amulet and the Protect against Angry People Medallion. Display a Red Lava Lamp in the Southeast, the Double Triangle Mirror on your work desk. Place the Jade Emperor with Wind chime in your living room and wear the Kubera Watch. Place a Rooster figurine on your work desk and display the Avalokitesvara Plaque in your office and display General Kuan Kung reading a book in your office.

The Snake

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Taurus.

Lucky Gem Stone: Opal

Flower: Passion flower

Auspicious Hours: 9 to 11 am

Best Season: Spring

Lucky Colours: Brown Gold, Green


The areas of career luck, money luck and people relationships will be good. You will be blessed with courage and energy in relationships and work situations this year. Traveling related to business or leisure to faraway places in the months of May and June is predicted for you this year.

Career and Finance

A career promotion is possible with a salary raise. Keep your temper under control for it will do well to your career. For those studying, your academic achievement will have a big improvement. Now is the right time for further studies or applying for government jobs. You may need to hasten and complete certain projects in order to prepare for new projects and opportunities. You have very good career luck. You can start a new project or new investment to pursuit your wealth. You make money with your intelligence. To gamble a risky investment without using your brain may prove dangerous.

Love and Relationships

The love relationship of Snake people shall be great this year. You can get the desired romantic partner or if married, deepen your bonds with your spouse. You can expect an arrival of a new member in the family. Beware of a love triangle this year. You are attracted towards Ox and Rooster and will be least interested to mix with Pig, Snake and Tiger.


There is an illness sign showing this year which can be controlled with a good habit of enough sleep, right eating, proper exercise and good sanitation in your daily life. Older people should watch their health more and avoid long distance travel during the summer months. You can create a balance in your health through meditation and yoga in order to get relief from work related stress and tensions this year. Problem related to cardiovascular system and urinary system are foreseen.


Carry the Peace and Harmony Keychain, Life Force Enhancing Amulet and display the 3 Sun 3 Legged Bird Mirror in the Southeast of your living room. Carry the Heaven Star Keychain and wear the Kubera Watch. Display the Gesar of Ling Plaque in the living room. To further enhance success on the work front, display the 3 and 8 Ho Tu Mirror together with a Victory or Wind Horse on your work desk. Place three divine guardians in the North of your home. It is also good for the Snake to engage in charitable pursuits this year.

The Horse

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

Lucky Gem Stone: Golden Topaz

Flower: Rose

Auspicious Hours: 11am to 1pm

Best Season: Summer

Lucky Colours: Orange, White, Yellow


It is a good year for you even as your friendship, love relationship, money management or job competition might encounter a certain limitation during the year, which you will manage to make all right, as your life energy supports you in all what you do. You shall be happy and lucky, partying and making money. You will consolidate your future this year. The Horse 2014 astrology forecasts a satisfying year on the work front. Instead of beginning new projects, it is advisable that you complete your older commitments in 2014. You might also go on many business trips this year. Keep control over your expenses. Health will be excellent other than some minor tooth related problems. An enjoyable year with family and friends. Overall this will be an excellent year in both your professional and personal life.

Career and Finance

You will face many challenges. You have to be patient and work with support of your well wishers especially the ox, tiger and dog. To take action, you must wait for right time. Those aspiring to sit for civil services will get the desired results in their examinations. Professionally you do exceptionally well. Your social activities and social expenses will increase. Do not lend money to friends as it will not be returned to you. It is also not a good year to invest money on uncertain businesses. Watch your money tightly, especially in the summer. You will travel extensively both domestic and abroad for business matters.

Love and Relationships

Love luck is slow and If you are married, you might have little quarrel. Career luck is better than love luck this year. Thus, to put your focus on career development or financial management is a better approach. You will take time to open and express your love to your lover. There are high chances of celebrations at the family front at the end of the year. You are romantically inclined towards Tiger, Sheep and Dog this year and would avoid Ox, Horse and Monkey this year. Horse people in relationships can think about tying the knot this year. This is an excellent year to get romantically hitched.


You are accident prone this year so drive carefully and avoid dangerous sports.There are chances of some dental problem cropping up but by and large you enjoy a sound health. Learn to manage stress due to excessive work load. Take a good diet and follow an exercise regime to feel fit. Take care of problems in the cardiovascular system and the urinary system.




Carry the Tai Sui Amulet, display the Tai Sui Plaque in the South of your living room ,display the Vairocana Stupa in the South and the 8 Immortals Mountain. Display Three Divine Guardians in the north direction. Display figure of General Chao Chao in your living room. Display Tang Horse or 3 Colourful Ponies in the foyer of your home. You can also display the 3 Sheep on the Mountain Plaque and a set of your Allies and Secret Friend on your work desk. Display the Home Protection Plaque near your front door.

The Sheep

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Cancer.

Lucky Gem Stone: Emerald

Flower: Larkspur

Auspicious Hours: 1 to 3 pm

Best Season: Summer

Lucky Colours: Green, Blue


It will be a mixed year for those of you. On the love front, things may not be so great and you may desire for more. This year will go much smoother compared to last year. In terms of love and career, it is not so great but for students it will be a great year.

Career and Finance

You get rewarded for your hard work this year. You make name for yourself and have lots of mentor luck this year. Great career opportunities come to you and can get promotions too due to your hard work. While the career luck is growing, you still need to play in a low profile. Humble and modest behaviours are easier to earn long-term recognition. The period between April and August will bring good news for students who aspire to pursue their higher studies abroad and also for those of you who have been looking to be promoted. Avoid too much change at work especially towards December. You will have achieved almost all of your goals by the end of the year.


The money luck is fair. The long-term money investment shows better luck than the short term investment. Professionally you will fetch some important deals but these deals might skip out of hand due to a jealous colleague. There is a lot of competition around at work. Your major earning will come from salary or other fixed income. Beware of fast ways of making money as it would back fire on you.

Love and Relationships

The female Sheep people have better luck in love relationship than the male. So it is good year to find your ideal companion. Happy times are indicated for you post April. This period will be full of excitement and you will see some wonderful improvements taking place in your love life. Be frank and open when it comes to expressing your feelings as this will give you the best results. If in a relationship you will strengthen the bonds of your relationship. Your family will play a major role in your love life by helping you take the right decisions. You are compatible with Horses, Rabbits and Pigs and should avoid Rat, Dog and Ox


By and large you enjoy sound health but slight illnesses might come often. Since you would be leading a hectic schedule you need to watch your diet, rest and sleep. Some may have problems in the digestive system and urinary system, which are the bladder and kidney. As you are accident prone you can suffer from some accidental burns or injuries due to hurry at work.


Place General Hua Mulan in the living room or near to your work desk. Carry Wealth & Power Medallion. Display an image of Kubera, the Lord of Horses in your home. Carry the Peace and Harmony Keychain at all times. Place Three Divine Guardians in the North and display the Rhino and Elephant plaque in the Northeast. Young Sheep should carry or display the 1 and 6 Ho Tu Mirror in the West to enhance education and study luck.

The Monkey

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Leo

Lucky Gem Stone: Peridot

Flower: Gladiola

Auspicious Hours: 3 to 5 pm

Best Season: Summer

Lucky Colours: White, Violet, Green


This year will be filled with many happy moments, make the most of this opportunity to get ahead in your career. You will see results for your efforts. Your career will remain in focus. You will face some pressures in the year of Horse. Travel is indicated for some of you. The year starts on a slow note for you due to ill health and lethargy. Foreign travel is indicated for some in October or November.

Career and Finance

You will have more errands, might need to travel more and have a tighter schedule. There might be people who might be out to harm you in the period between April to June. For the unemployed you finally land a job. Students who have been planning to pursue higher studies abroad will finally get some good news about it in December. The money opportunity is there but there is no easy money during this year, you must spend your energy, sweat and time to exchange your reward. To travel out of town might be a better idea to locate your treasure. You will encounter more pressure from money, and may even face a lawsuit.

Love and Relationships

The love relationship is fair. You are compatible with Rat, Dragon, Snake and Rooster. Do not trust strangers blindly and be careful before falling head over heels in love. Obstacles if any in your personal will be removed by May or June. The period from September to November is perfect for weddings. If you are married, then minor quarrel is possible. This year you will get in touch with some old friends of school or college. You should avoid Tiger and Horse love mates this year.


Summer brings in health problems. You need to take ample sleep and good rest or else you burn out soon. Drive very carefully on the road and avoid dangerous sports. Take care of the health of your elders.


Display the 3 Legged Bird with 3 Suns in the Southwest and the 3 Harmony Animals in the bedroom, living room and on your work desk. Carry the Protection against Angry People Medallion. Place the Arensui Wu Luo on your bedside table, living room and also next to the entrance of your home. Display Golden Chundi in your home and also a Bejewelled Elephant. Place a Tortoise Water feature in the Southwest. Carry the Flower of Romance Keychain.

The Rooster

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Lucky Gem Stone: Citrine

Flower: Aster

Auspicious Hours: 5 to 7 pm

Best Season: Autumn

Lucky Colours: Orange, Green


You will continue to do well in this year. Your career and love life are good. On the professional front, plenty of new opportunities will come your way. You will have a change of location due to transfer of job if working or by virtue of residence change.

Career and Finance

You get more job assignments and new job offers. Relationships in the office are very important. Money is there but with hard work. You need some effort, courage, energy and time to earn the money. Money trouble might bring you a lawsuit. For students wanting to study abroad, you get the right opportunities in the middle of the year.

Love and Relationships

You have very good luck in love relationship. You become popular in your social network. You will deepen your love bonds. There are strong chances for marriage for the eligible. For the ones involved already beware of love triangle which could cause you money lose and take a legal turn. Chances of a casual meeting turning into a long time love affair are high especially around your work place or with your colleagues. You are compatible with Ox, Snake and Dragon but need to avoid Dog, Rabbit and Rooster.


You may have slight illness. You need to watch your health and have enough sleep and good rest to maintain sound health. Take care of your respiratory system especially your throat and lungs. Those keeping ill health should avoid long distance travel. Take care of your health as chances of indigestion are strong this year. Eat healthy and wisely.


Carry the Life Force Medallion and display a Rooster figurine in the West of your living room. Carry the Tai Sui Amulet, and display the Tai Sui Plaque or a pair of Pi Yao in the South. Place a Bejewelled Kalachakra Stupa in the NW of your home and a Bejewelled Blue Dragon on your work desk. Display the Gesar of Ling Plaque in the living room and hang 8 Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque in both your living and bedroom. Wear a Wind Horse Pendant and hang the Amithaba Windchime near the entrance to your home. Young Roosters should display the 1 and 6 Ho Tu Mirror in the West.

The Dog

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Libra.

Lucky Gem Stone: Diamond

Flower: Marigold

Auspicious Hours: 7 to 9 pm

Best season: Autumn

Lucky Colours: Silver and Red


You will have a very good relationship this year. You have a mixed luck this year. You get good opportunities in career, money and love area at the same time people jealous of you try to pull you down. For the unemployed, openings come in the last quarter of the year. You get recognition for your social work this year.

Career and Finance

You gain power and leadership. You will need to lie low. Humble and modest behaviours are safer at work. Career luck is good for you. Your major earning will come from salary or other fixed income. There is no easy money. The short term money investment will not bring you a quick return. The money luck is fair but stable this year. On the professional front, you might find it difficult to satisfy your bosses and might need to be a little more innovative in approach and idea.

Love and Relationships

You have good relationship luck this year and will spend more time in the social activities. If you are female and single, then this is good year to find your ideal companion. If already involved, you deepen your love ties with your beloved. If married, then your marriage life will be full of love. November and December will be the months to plan a romantic tour with the life partner. You are compatible with Tiger, Horse and Rabbit and must avoid Dragon, Rooster and Sheep this year.


You are going to spend some large sum of money on your health issues .To avoid stress related to work you must have enough sleep and rest well, There is possibility of injury, so drive carefully and avoid dangerous sports. Take care of your digestive system especially intestines and stomach. Also watch out for diseases related to urinary system especially the bladder and kidney.


Place the Bejewelled Kalachakra Stupa in the Northwest of the home, carry the 5 Yellow Keychain at all times, place a Vairocana Stupa in the bedroom and display the Victory Banner or carry the Producing Victory Medallion. Display the Precious Minister, the Heart Sutra Plaque and the Gesar of Ling Plaque facing the main entrance at home. Elderly people should carry the Protection Mandala Mirror and place the Hayagriva Prayer Wheel on your home altar and twirl it 21 times each day.

The Pig

Equivalent Western Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.

Lucky Gem Stone: Ruby

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Auspicious Hours: 9 to 11 pm

Best Season: Autumn

Lucky Colours: Purple, Red, White


Long pending work projects will be cleared with due credits in this year. Overall this year will be a balanced year for you in terms of wealth and health but you might face some challenges in your love and professional life.

Career and Finance

The career luck is good and your income may increase from your job. The month of       August and September will be auspicious to start new business ventures or to look for new job opportunities. You need to slog to get what you want, so make sure you have good health and energy to face the career challenges. As long as you try not to be lazy, you will have a great career this year. You will use your knowledge to earn money. You shall increase wealth this year through good advice from your benefactors. There will be some sort of expenditure on property matters that are in dispute since years. You earn well but your expenses also rise this year. Avoid risky investment or work with too greedy friends, as you have chance of money loss.

Love and Relationships

For the eligible there are strong chances to find that special someone this year. Love will take the back seat in your life as there will be a lot of work pressure. There are strong chances of celebration on the family front this year. Avoid Snake and Monkey this year as there are strong chances of conflicts with these people. You are compatible with Rabbit and Sheep. If involved or married, then your love relationship should be pretty well but do not enter a love triangle as it will cause you pain and humiliation.


As long as you do not neglect your health, you will be fine during this year. Follow a good health regime and avoid stress. By and large no serious medical problems are foreseen for you.


Display the Anti Burglary Plaque facing your front door and hang the Anti Burglary Keychain off your bag. Display the 5 Element Pagoda Filled with Dried Soil from your home in the Northwest. Also display Three Divine Deities in the North, the Jade Emperor in your living room and the Gesar of Ling Plaque near your main entrance. Wear the Wind Horse Watch and carry the Kalachakra Mandala Mirror.

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