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  Feng Shui Pagoda and its Magnanimous Benefits Feature Products

The name of the pagoda itself originates from the Wen Chang star which creates literary luck, allowing an individual to have both fame as well as fortune. It used to create energy and revitalize the beholder especially beneficial when the pagoda is placed in the Northeast location. It also transforms negative energy into good chi, thus creating fame, academic luck, and a capability to move forward in your field of work. It benefits in business by bringing vigilance and intelligence to working minds, and  is also used for medical purposes and rehabilitation, as it transforms negative to positive energy.

The following are the different types of Pagodas.


5 Tier Pagoda  

It represents the harmony between the five basic elements Metal, Wood, Water, Earth and Fire, as well as the protection of five directions from evil. .


7 Tier Pagoda

 It represents the seven treasures of Buddhism and the sanction from the seven Northern stars. This pagoda allows the generation of luck in the areas of wealth and career. It represents compassion and protection.

9 Tier Pagoda

It represents the wholeness as it brings all the qualities that one needs to be a successful scholar and working individual. These qualities are dignity, perseverance and power. It also protects and transforms negative energy to positive energy.

Placement of Pagoda for various Aspirations

1. For career and authority at workplace, display this behind your chair in office. It will also banish betrayal from others, creating a better environment for your career advancement.


2. For academic luck place it either beside your bed or upon the study desk .It will help you increase your concentration and mental capabilities. Also place it in the Northeast sector of your study to enhance educational luck.


3. Placing it in the universal health sector East of the living or dining room will help diffuse negative energy causing diseases. It can be used to expedite healing of a patient by placing it at their bedside.

4. To protect your home or work place from all evil energies, display it at the front doorway.

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