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Windchimes are used both as cures and energizers, for lifting chi from a troubled area to suppressing energy in corners where there are negative stars, to bringing you good news and help from mentors. Depending on their utility, they are used as per the number of rods they have, what material they are made of and whether the rods are solid or hollow.

Windchime Materials


Depending on their material, they are to be placed as stated in the following directions.

·     Metal ones in the West, Northwest and North.

·      Wood or Bamboo ones in the East, Southeast and South.

·      Ceramic or Glass ones in the Northeast or Southwest.


Hollow or Solid Rods

When energizing the North for carreer, always use hollow rods as these lift the chi. Solid rods should be used when you are trying to press down the chi, although hollow rods would also work just as well.


Rod Numbers Matter


Depending which area you are using the windchime, the number of rods are decided. The following chart shall help you understand this better.

·      North (career, opportunities) Single metal windchimes or six rod hollow metal chimes.

·     Northeast (personal growth, education) Ceramic or glass windchimes. Use five or eight rods.

·      Southwest  (relationships) Ceramic or glass chimes. Use two rods.

·      East (family relationships, health) Bamboo or wooden chimes having three rods.

·      Southeast (wealth) Bamboo or wooden chimes having four rods.

·    South (recognition, fame) Bamboo, wooden, or metal chimes with three, four, or nine rods (9 is the best).

·      West (children, creativity) Metal chimes with seven or six rods.


To overcome an affliction such as a toilet or problem area in the following area.

·      Wood chimes Place these in the NE or SW.

·      Metal chimes Place a metal chime in the East or SE

·      Ceramic or Glass chimes Place in the North sector if there is an affliction


Certain Points to be Considered

1. Do not hang a windchime over a door so that either you or your door hit it.

2. Do not hang metal windchimes on trees. Wood chimes are okay on trees.

3. Do not  hang a windchime over where you sit, eat, work, or sleep so that you are directly under it.

4, You can hang the appropriate windchime for the direction your front door faces on the either side of your front door if your door faces a parking lot, an oncoming road, or other obstacle such as poison arrow, tree etc.

5. You can hang a windchime in an area where there are more than two doors in a straight line

6. You can use a five rod hollow or solid chime for bathrooms in East, SE, NW, South, or West sectors

7. You can use a three rod hollow wood chime for bathrooms located in the center, SW, or NW sectors.

8. You can use pagoda shaped chimes with hollow rods as energizers.

9. You can use six sets of six rod hollow chimes to mark off a missing NW corner, certainly  helpful if you are looking to attract a man if you are single, gain more help from influential people, or help the patriarch of a household.

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