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1. In Feng Shui, heaven is associated with the Northwest sector so you should display religious icons or symbols in this sector. The family altar is best placed in this sector of your living room or home. This is a good sector to place crosses, menorahs, crescents, or pictures of deities.  Also a very good location for placing photos of deceased relatives.
2. The alter should be placed directly opposite the front door. It is very auspicious and helps in retaining the spirituality of the home .The gods bless all those who enter the house and also guard the house against all evil and bad energies.
3. One should respect the religious icons, statues, or altars and they should be kept in a well-lit place, well maintained and kept clean and at least at a height of five feet from the ground. The religious items or alters should never be placed in kitchens, bedrooms, bathroom s or dining rooms. You can place them in foyers, living room or a special room made for this purpose.
4. Religious symbols such as trishul, crosses, stars, or crescents have points and emit strong energy. They should not point at any one. Your house should also not be situated across from these symbols.  If so, plant a hedge or install a fence to screen the view.
5. To increase spiritualism and meditation level it is best to practice it in the Northeast section of your living room, better still if you can have a room in the Northeast of your house for this purpose as this direction denotes self-growth, enlightenment ,wisdom education and knowledge.
6. Also the center of the home has an impact on health, wealth, and happiness. Hence you can also   locate your icons, symbols, or altars in this location but keep it well lit and clean.

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