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  Attributes of Gems Feature Products
1. Snowflake Obsidian: It helps in healing muscle cramps and aids in detoxification of the body. It is also a protective stone and power stone. It calms and soothes unhealthy behaviour thus bringing a positive change in the wearer. It increases psychic awareness, helps in meditation, promotes happiness, spiritual growth, peace and tranquillity. It makes you see the truth and right purpose for any cause.

2. Citrine: It is a money and protective stone .It benefits businessmen. It brings good luck and prosperity luck. This is the only stone which does not need to be cleansed as it absorbs and disintegrates the negative energies. It is a powerful cleanser and regenerate stone having the power of sunlit promoted creativity and teaches how to manifest and attract wealth, success and all good things in your life.

3. Garnet: It is a good luck and prosperity luck stone. It is useful for people in carrier wanting money and also brings love. It is a powerful energiser and regenerating stone. It revitalizes, cleanses, purifies, balances and creates serenity or passion as desired and appropriate. It inspires love and devotion and commitment. It imparts courage, strength and increases the survival instinct..

4. Malachite: It brings luck in business, is protective, money and love enhancer. It is used as cure in insomnia. It is used to protect children from evil eye. It also protects one from injuries and is lucky for travellers to carry as it safe guards them from accidents. It helps in business, in balancing relationships. To get rid of night mares keep it in your bedroom. It is often referred to as the mirror of soul as it reflects your inner feelings. It aids in heart and lungs diseases, joint pains and cramps. It increases spiritual awareness..

5. Smoky Quartz: It is a power and protective stone. It is used to gain money, and for de-addiction. It alleviates pain, it helps control back and cramps problem. It increases your endurance level; because of this it is very popular among athletes. It de stress, relives fear, lifts depression, calms and creates emotional balance. It dissolves all negativity and it grounds, anchors and also raises vibration during meditation.

6.  Aventurine: It is a luck stone and also attracts money. It is used for treating shortsightedness. It is a prosperity stone .It absorbs electro negativity and protects against environmental pollution. It increases leadership qualities, decisiveness, compassion, empathy and perseverance.

7. Hematite: It is a healing, protective and love stone. It helps you to understand other people. It helps in anemia. It grounds and harmonizes the mind, body and soul, dissolves all negativity, enhances will power and reliability and imparts confidence. It treats any form of indulgence.

8. Rose Quartz: it is a healing and love stone. It aids in blood circulation, youthfulness and sexual disorders. It helps in maintaining relationships. It promotes unconditional love and inner peace. It opens and purifies the heart chakra bringing inner healing and self love and promotes friendship. It attracts love and loving relationships, draws negativity, strengthens empathy and sensitivity towards others and enhances positivity in relationships.

9. Turquoise: It is love, luck and protection stone. It helps in rheumatism, stomach and viral infections and is anti inflammatory. It increases spiritual attunement, enhances communication with both the spiritual and physical world, exploring past life, cleansing the electromagnetic smog. It is a stone of purification and strength. It dispels exhaustion, depression, panic attacks and environmental pollution.

10. Amethyst: It helps in headaches, blood problems and breathing problems. It is protective, power stone aiding in meditation and de addiction. It also helps in insomnia. It helps the user realize his dreams and increases psychic level and is wonderful for meditation. It is very powerful and protective stone with high spiritual viberations. It calms, soothes, and enhances memory and inspires motivation. It promotes emotional balance, alleviates grief and sadness and promotes love of the divine and spiritualism.

11. Lapis Lazuli: It purifies and cleanses, and is a powerful amplifier of thoughts which brings clarity and objectivity to mind .It helps in being a channel of spiritual world. It increases enlightenment, psychic ability and spiritual power. It teaches the power of spoken words and brings inner harmony. It aids in alleviating migraine and headaches.

12. Tiger Eye: It alleviates pain, aids in nerves and adrenal glands problems. It is a protective, lucky stone and increases the strength of other stones. It combines earth and sun energy. It draws spiritual energy to earth and grounds it simultaneously. It increases psychic abilities, protects and helps in accomplishing ones goals and aids in recognizing ones inner self and resources.

13. Black Onyx: It protects, heals and fortifies confidence, responsibility, sharpens senses and encourages healthy egoism. It used to end unlucky relationships, it helps in releasing and separating any person or incident which gives you sorrow. It brings in stability after sufferings.

14. Cats eye: It aids in understanding people. It brings luck and protection. It is a mind stone helping in clear thinking and giving insight. It helps focussing of the mind. It clears off obstacles, hindrances and ward off evil. It is suitable for politicians who aspire for high position and authority. It helps them from having scandals and loss of reputation. It promotes strong determination. It is wonderful stone for people in business as it protects any losses in business and increases financial stability. It guards their wealth and aids in accumulating riches. It increases knowledge, longevity and strength and cures chronic diseases. It aids in heart trouble, hemorrahges and incurable diseases...  .

15. Clear Crystal: It is a powerful healing and energy amplifying stone. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and thoughts. It cleanses and enhances the organs and soul. It dissolves the negative karma and attunes to the spiritual world. It increases your memory and creates a balance in your body. It also protects the wearer from harmful radiation and radioactivity.

16. Carnelian: It is a grounding stone, which restores vitality, creativity, motivation and helps stabilize the present reality. It is beneficial for the business as it increases courage, positivity and motivation so much needed for business to flourish. It helps in overcoming abuse of any sort and increasing self confidence and trust in you.

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