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Consultant Neena
  Master Consultant in Feng Shui and Paht Chee, Pendulum Dowser, Crystal Ball Scryer and Aura Cleanser.  
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‘Feng Shui’ literally means ‘wind and water’ in Chinese language and it refers to the ancient Chinese system of balancing the ‘chi’ [positive energy present everywhere] patterns of our natural environment. It is a practice of living in a state of balance with all the five elements viz; fire, earth, metal, water and wood, in order to benefit from their energies so as to enhance ones good fortune from all the directions of the compass. This art enables one to solve all problems relating to financial, business, carrier, children, family, education, marital health through a holistic approach. A state of well being is produced when the surroundings are tuned so as to create a positive benevolent energy.
In ‘FengShui’ analysis two main considerations are taken into account. One being the individual in question and the other is his place of reference[home ,office, factory , any workplace of the person or all of them together] .The individual charts are then computed for the same keeping in mind the compass directions and the date of birth/ the year of construction respectively. Based on this all the problems are tackled. It helps to identify the good and the bad sectors in a particular period, based on which cures or enhancers are suggested. Also the individual good and bad directions are indicated in these charts. Hence the approach is very holistic and scientific taking into account the space and time dimensions of the given period. This science is not only used to rectify the bad time but also to increase the best fortune to the bestest.
The cures are put to either suppress or nullify the bad numbers in the charts according to their degree of manifestation. Same is the case for the enhancers but with a difference that they are used to magnify the good effects. Windchimes, pagodas, mandalas, dragons, phoenix, mirrors, chilins, piyaoo, turtles, gems, crystals, mandarin ducks, kuan kung etc are to name a few of the items used for the cures and enhancers for various sectors. They are all pieces of art and their origin finds root in the ancient Chinese and Tibetan art.
It is a very vast subject but I shall Endeavour to bring to you the detailed aspects of all the diversified day to day problems faced in our lives along with their cures. So as to reach to one and all the goodness of ‘Feng Shui’ I shall tell you how to achieve your dreams and also what to expect from your destiny. When FengShui is practiced with Chinese astrology [Phat Chee] nothing can stop your progress and no one can cause any harm to you. The poisoness arrows towards you are nullified and benevolent ‘Chi’ surrounds you.
I strongly believe that all the vital forces are manifestations of the ‘Almighty’ and when they are used in harmony; they create a wonderful and everlasting impact on each one of us.

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