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  Dzi Beads Feature Products

These beads find their origin in the ancient Tibetan and Chinese culture.They are often reffered to as the lucky beads .They come in various varieties and are found hidden under the earth.Some myths suggest that they were insects when touched turned into dzi.They hold very significant meaning to their patterns on them .They are knownen to possess magical power and are treasured in the family inheritance.The real ones are hard to find but the recreated ones are equally effective.Following are the types of dzi with their practical benefits.

1 eye Dzi: It promises safety and removes obstacles from the wearers life.It brings in hope and happiness along with wisdom and helps realize ones dreams.It brings immence power and authourity and acts as a beacon of light and hope.To be worn especially by kids and youths in school as it increases intelligence and brightness.To be worn with smookyy quartz,garnet or tiger eye.Best suited for Horse,Sheep and Monkey.

 2 eye Dzi: It helps in strenthning relationships and for those seeking love.It promotes stable and happy marriage and harmony in family.It also ensures success and improves wisdom.To be worn in the neck with two rose quartz hearts or smooth rose quartz beads.

3 eye Dzi: It ensures good health ,wealth and success to the wearer.It brings continuous good fortune and is a symbol of the wealth god Kuber.To be worn along with hematite or smoky quartz or garnet or malachite.

4 eye Dzi: It helps remove obstacles,increase wisdom and brings good luck.It releases the wearer from suffering and misery and serves as a protecter against evil spirits and subdues demons.It increases merits and longevity.To be worn with facetted donoughtnut clear crystal.Best suited for rabbit,dragan and snake.

5 eye Dzi: It attracts blessings,success,advancement in carrierand is reffered to as desire bead as it helps attaining desires.To be worn with malachite,hematite or amber.

6 eye Dzi: It eliminates sadness and suffering and promotes good karma.It is advised for people undergoing depression or have had a loss in life and want to recover.To be worn with amber or malachite.

7 eye Dzi: It brings in good luck,carrier development,wealth,health,longevity ,happy marriage,name and fame.Best suited for Horse,Sheep and monkey.To be worn with malachite,garnet or clear facetted crystal.

8 eye Dzi: It brings a turn around luck from bad to good and are sort after in this period of eight[2004 to 2024].It promises monetary gains,wealth,good fortune and abundance.It is wonderful for gamballing luck.It ensures you are in the right way.To be worn with red jasper,agate or malachite.

9 eye Dzi: It is the emperor of all the dzis.It helps gain all kinds of good fortune,divine protection,good health,wealth,prosperity from heaven,doubles longivity,promises victory over foes and brings windfall luck.It helps in gaining powerand influence,dissolves all negativity and increases compassion towards all beings.Best suited for rabbit,dragan and snake.To be worn with smooth clear crystal.

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