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Consultant Neena
  Master Consultant in Feng Shui and Paht Chee, Pendulum Dowser, Crystal Ball Scryer and Aura Cleanser.  
  Activate your Health Direction as per your Kua Number Feature Products

Activate your health direction as per your kua number in the living room and wu lou in the bedroom  only.No water feature or plants to be kept in the bedrooms.
Kua  number 1: Energize the East .Display a green wooden dragan,a double fish symbol and 3 large lush green healthy plants or three bamboo sticks tied together in the east sector.Also hang a pair of wooden wu lou in the bedroom in the east direction.You can also wear these symbols in jade on your body.
Kua number 2: Energize the West .Display a pair of crystal / gold wu lou in the bedroom.Hang 7 rod hollow all metal chime or bells.place a crystal gem tree on the table,display a golden dragan or wear it in the neck.Place a bowl of natural crystals or 7 smooth crystals.
 Kua number 3: Energize the North. Display a water feature or hang a painting of waterfall,a double fish symbol or an aquarium with 8red gold+1black gold fish.Also you place an image of metal dragon turtle, a metal turtle,apair of golden wu luo or three Chinese coins tied together or hang 6  hollow rod metal chime or metal bell.You can wear the wu lou or golden dragon in the neck too.
Kua number 4: Energize the South: This sector should be well lit.You can light floral red  9 candles and place an image of red horse or flying cranes or  a pair of wooden wulou or healthy bamboo plants.
Kua number 5 : [males] Energize the West. Place pair of golden metal wu luo in the bedroom.Wear a golden dragon or wu luo. Place 7 rod hollow metal chime or  metalbells or 7 chinese coins tied together or display a bowl of natural crystals or 7 smooth round crystals or crystal gem tree.
Kua number 5: [females] Energize the Northwest: Display an image of flying cranes, a pair of golden metal wu luo, 6 rod hollow metal chimeor a bowl of natural crystals or crystal gem tree or wear golden dragon or display  6 chinese coins tied together.
Kua number 6: Energize the Northeast: Display crystal gem tree or wear a crystal wu luo or hang it in the bedroom or hang a facetted crystal  to catch the sunlight  or display 8 smooth crystals or a bowl of  natural  crystals.You can wear a crystal dragon.
Kua number 7: Energize theSouthwest: Place a pair of smooth crystals or hang one facetted crystal to catch the sunlight or place a pair of crystal wu luo or gem treeor bowl of natural crystals. You can wear a crystal dragon.Light a pair of floral scented  red/pink candles.
Kua number 8: Energize the Northwest: This sector follows the same  energizers as that for  kua number 5 females.
Kua number 9:
Energize the Southeast: Place 4 bamboo plants  sticks tied together with a red colour ribbon or any healthy plant and a pair of wooden wu luo  in the bedroom ,or place double fish symbol or display  green wooden  dragon and wear a jade dragon.

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