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Planet Fengshui was established by Neena, Master Practitioner in Feng Shui and Past Chee, to bring the world closer to the ancient Chinese art of holistic wellness. We are based in New Delhi, India and provide our services around the world.

Feng Shui is a system of space arrangement that allows us to align the forces of our live with the forces of nature, with the environment, the neighbourhoods we live in, the buildings we call home, and in so doing, to resonate with the Universe in order to get a better yield from any investment of time, work and energy in the nine areas of life. We do this both in the physical, tangible world and in the non-tangible, more ethereal realm.

From Master Practitioner Neena:

Even though when I started out as a Feng Shui consultant, I thought it was a harmonising decoration technique, pretty soon I realised that it is actually a healing art. The incredible feedback I get from people who opened the doors of their homes and businesses to me for consultations is constantly confirming and reinforcing this belief.

This approach to Feng Shui aims at getting the person involved to produce a shift in their energy immediately, therefore starting to turn the gears of the universal providing source at the exact moment that a Feng Shui cure is being applied. You would be surprised by the results, which are usually faster and/or greater than what you expected, though they may not always arrive from the direction you thought they would.

For any inquiries regarding our services, please feel free to write to us at info@planetfengshui.in or reach us through the contact form. Do also remember to follow our page on Facebook.