Aura and Chakras

What is your Aura?

The aura is a composite of electromagnetic impulses and as such has a natural tendency to attract and trap positive and negative particles which emit vibrations, hence affecting the body. These particles of energy are suspended around the healthy human body in an oval shaped field. This “auric egg” emits out from the body approximately 2-3 feet on all sides. It extends above the head and below the feet into the ground.

The negative vibrations cause physical ailments and in severe cases mental stress. The Aura when negatively affected, looks dull, discoloured and discontinues. The aura too needs to be cleansed of all the negativity which gets accumulated in it, over a period of time. It is a spiritual signature of a being which divulges the true picture of the inner self including any ailments or chronic problems on the physical and mental level.

The aura is not only present for human body but also for animals and birds, rather all living beings exude their individual aura colours and shapes.

Aura healing is a three way agreement between healer, higher energies and the person being healed. Anyone can heal by learning and using these ancient skills. Many diseases of the body, emotions, mind, and spirit are preventable, or are easily transformed before they become matters for the allopathic medicine.

The aura consist of seven levels. Each one of the subtle bodies that exist around the physical body, has its own frequency. They are interrelated, and effect one another and the person’s feelings, emotions, thinking, behaviour, and health as well. Therefore a state of imbalance in one of the bodies leads to a state of imbalance in the others.

The Levels of your Aura


1) The Physical Auric Body: Physical sensations; simple physical comfort, pleasure, health.

2) The Etheric Auric Body: Emotions with respect to self-acceptance and self-love.

3) The Vital Auric Body: Representing the mental level and rational mind.

4) The Astral Auric Body: Relations with others; loving  interactions with friends and family.

5) The Lower Mental Auric Body: To align with the divine will within, to make a commitment to speak and follow the truth.

6) The Higher Mental Auric Body – Divine love and spiritual ecstasy.

7) The Spiritual Auric Body– Divine mind, serenity. To connect with and understand the greater universal pattern.

The Colours of your Aura

Red denotes strength, strong passion, and will. All red relates to nervous tendencies.  Dynamic, creative, nervousness, heart or  circulation.

Orange denotes warmth, thoughtfulness, creativity, kindness, vitality and communication.

Yellow denotes mental activity, optimism, youth, dreaming, new learning opportunities and wisdom.

Green denotes sympathy, calm growth, healing and abundance.

Blue denotes quiet, spirituality and calm, as well as feelings, emotions and instinct.

Indigo and Violet denote someone seeking the truth, spirituality, wisdom, intuition and psychic ability.

Black denotes protection or imbalance or blockage.

Pink denotes love, compassion, lust, immaturity and obsession.

White denotes purity and truth.

Brown denotes someone who is centered with themselves or the surroundings. It also blockage Practical, earthy, common-sense

Silver lights or twinkles denote fertility and new beginnings.

Black Spots denotes an imbalance.

Gold denotes spirituality, leadership, protection, wisdom, inner-knowledge, spiritual mind, and intuitive thinking.

Grey denotes entrapment, depression and blocking energies.

Turquoise denotes sensitivity, compassion, healing and the therapist.

What are your Chakras?

The word “chakra” is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. They  are  colourful  wheels or flowers with a hub in the center. The chakras begin at the base of the spine and finish over the top of the head. Though fixed in the central spinal column they are located on both the front and back of the body, and work through it.

Each chakra vibrates and rotates at different speeds. The root or first chakra rotates at the slowest speed, the crown or seventh chakra at the highest. Each chakra is stimulated by its own and complimentary colours. The chakra colours are of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The size and brightness of the wheels vary with individual development, physical condition, energy levels, disease, or stress.

If the chakras are not balanced, or if the energies are blocked, the basic life force will be slowed down. The person feels fatigued, tired, out of sorts, or depressed.  A negative attitude is developed and negativity surrounds the person.

A constant balance between the chakras promotes health and a sense of wellbeing. If the chakras are opened too much, a person could literally short circuit themselves with too much universal energy going through the body. If the chakras are closed, this does not allow for the universal energy to flow through them properly which may also lead to disease. Your seven chakras are explained as below:

1. The Base Chakra

The base chakra, red chakra or root connects to the entire spinal column and lower half of the body. Deals with earthly issues and 5 human senses Supplies energy to the kidneys and adrenals as well as linked to the immune system. It is found in the adrenal glands.

2. The Sacral Chakra

The sacral or orange chakra is found in the testes or ovaries and is associated with sexuality and reproduction. It connects to appendix, pancreas, kidneys, reproductive organs, large and small intestine, lumbar and sacral spinal area, bladder and prostate.

3. The Solar Plexus

The solar plexus or yellow chakra is found in the pancreas and is associated with digestion. It connects to gallbladder, adrenals, spleen, Stomach, lower oesophagus, liver and thoracic spinal area.

4. The Heart Chakra

The green chakra or heart is in the thymus and is associated with the immune system. It connects  to shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, heart, thymus gland, diaphragm, circulatory system, respiratory system, breasts, ribs, and cervical spinal area.

5. The Throat Chakra

The blue chakra or throat is found in the thyroid and is associated with metabolism. It connects to the mouth, jaw, teeth, gums, thyroid, medulla oblongata, brain stem and parathyroid glands, trachea, upper oesophagus and cervical spine.

6. The Third Eye

The violet chakra or the third eye is found in the pituitary gland and is associated with hormones and growth. The energy centre for visualisation, imagination and insight. It connects the brain, autonomic nervous system, central nervous system, pituitary gland, hypothalamus, cerebellum, ears, nose, and eyes.

7. The Crown Chakra

The white chakra or the crown is found in the pineal gland and is associated with body rhythm. It associates with attitudes, faith, values, ethics, courage  compassion for life. It connects all chakras and distributes energy throughout the entire body. Influences all of the body’s systems: nervous, skeletal, energy, muscular, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune and the conditions of the skin.