Plan your House as per Feng Shui

In this post we shall discuss the ideal locations for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, study and other rooms, while planning the organisation of your Feng Shui compatible home.

The North

The element of the North direction is water. Its colors are black and blue. It signifies sexuality, career, education, tranquility and relaxation. It is an ideal site for the main bedroom where you can have a satisfying sex life and a peaceful contended relationship with your spouse. It is also a very good zone for spiritual enlightenment or meditation and when you meditate here, you can easily increase your intellectual powers. It represents career and promises great career development leading to wealth and prosperity. Once the direction is clear, you can activate your good directions as per your Kua number. Excellent for the young career oriented married couple. The combinations of colors used in this room should be shades of blue, black and should keep as many windows one can on the North wall in an odd ratio of 1, 3, 5 etc. Keep the windows open at lest three hours in the morning and the evening so that the good energy of this direction enters your home.

The Northeast

The element of this direction is earth and the colour associated is blue. It denotes knowledge and imparts motivation and sense of purpose to the personality in this part of the house. It helps to clarify the goals and abilities of people who spend time in this zone. It is a very good sector for students, researchers and people seeking a job. It is an excellent place for adults as well as children to undertake physical exercise due to the tremendous positive energy associated with this area. The playroom, home gym and study go well with it. Also a prayer room suits best here as it an ideal place for self meditation.  It is best suited for the youngest son in your family.

The East

It is associated with wood element and the major colour being green. It instils a sense of contentment and optimism and brings a radical positive energy into your life. Best suited for bedrooms of individuals who are pessimistic and feel low. This area is also very good for people ailing from diseases as it imparts a lot of positive health vibes. Your health benefits from sleeping in this zone. Other rooms which benefit from its vibrant energy are kitchens, playrooms, studies and home offices. It is also the direction for the eldest or only son in the family.

The Southeast

The element of this direction is also wood, but small wood. It denotes wealth and creativity and the colour associated with it is that of vitality, that is purple colour. People having their study, studio or office here will gradually and steadily accumulate wealth and success in their business. A bedroom in this direction also helps attain financial success. By spending time in this direction you can increase your creativity and enhance your natural abilities. Placing a kitchen here also enhances its zonal energies of creativity and wealth. This region is best suited for the playroom, home office, and garden of your family

The South

The element of this region is fire and the colour associated with it is red. This region has lots of energy and passion and this energy is very conducive to success and fame in society. It is an ideal location for the dining room where it is beneficial for both the host as well as the guest. It is good for using as a bedroom for people who want to be famous, but generally the energy of this is so strong that they may have sleepless nights too. Also when a person wants to spice up his married life, they can choose to sleep in this sector. It is good for people who have a boring sex life as it can regulate the physical aspect of love.

The Southwest

It is associated with earth element and the pink colour. It signifies tranquillity, relationships and practical approach to life. A living room or dining room in this area keeps the family bonded and compassionate towards one another. A bedroom in this area provides a warm and comfortable emotional bonding between the spouses. While spending time here enhances a more practical outlook and helps find solutions to problems faster. It confers strong understanding and open communication between the family members, when using this area as dining room or living room. Also a workroom suits this direction.

The West

The element associated with this direction is metal and the colour is white. This direction activates prosperity of the entire family in general. It also spreads love within the family. A dining table here ensures that the family remains united and general prosperity is also ensured. A living area is also a good thing to have here, where all the family meets together and creates an atmosphere of warmth and understanding between one another. Bedrooms of children (especially the young and teenagers) are good to have here as the energy of this area makes them feel loved and secure. It helps the child to develop as a balanced individual.

The Northwest

The element is small metal and the colour is grey. Here the energy affects both the social as well as business circle as it creates the ability to plan, organise and lead. This is again an ideal place for the study or home office. It is a good idea to have the bedroom here for people who aspire to be leaders and who are in politics and government jobs. It is also good for people who lead a hectic social life.

The Centre

Its element is earth and the colour associated with it is yellow. The central zone is the hub or the most powerful point of positive energy in terms of physical, emotional and health aspects. The centre of the house or the room should not be blocked as it can lead to serious health problems. It is ideal for hallways or best kept open and uncluttered.

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