How to Increase your Wealth Potential at Work

Learn how to increase your wealth luck at work using these potent tips from the ancient science of Feng Shui. Remember, money should always come first where business is concerned.

Tip 1: Ensure that water is placed in the right sector at work. Place a bubbly water feature in the North of your office to help keep you relaxed and stimulate business opportunities. Keep the fountain well watered and clean and make sure it is on for at least 8 hours every day. Also placing a metal turtle or dragon turtle here will energise your business and carrier in terms of money luck. Make sure no poison arrows are affecting this sector and also no plants should be kept in this sector as it will deplete the energy of this sector.

Tip 2: What you see is what you get. Follow this and you will reach your goals soon. Write your wish everywhere where you can see it and also place its symbols: like if you want to be a success in the trading of clothes then place designer labels of the best in this line and wrap a few in red colour paper and put your name on it. Find a symbol that is meaningful for you and keep it where you can prominently see it while you work.

Tip 3: You should “Feng Shui” your website by putting in colours that fall in productive cycle like, blue, black and white; or yellow, purple, red; or green, black, and blue. These combinations make the surfer stick to your websites.

Tip 4: Be approachable to the maximum people possible. Have toll free numbers, be available on the internet, fax and mobile. Take all means you can for communications to be faster and accessible to all, so that people can talk to you, as the more you interact the more the chances of getting perspective customers; no talk, no sales; more talk, more sales!

Tip 5: Keep red colour folders for your client details and keep them with respect and in proper order. Your filling should not be chaotic. Keep everything clear and uncluttered. This energises your customer and shall keep him in touch with you. To increase more clients always keep labelled three red colour folders ready on your work table all time as if ready for the next. The more respect you give to your customer files, the more customers you’ll have.

Tip 6: When working from home, please define your work place, be it a room or a table only, but it should be kept only for your work. Make it attractive, organised, and functional. Having a beautiful work space is motivating and encourages creativity.

Tip 7: One is the number of opportunity and money from business in Feng Shui. So, get to work on just that one thing with dedication which you always wanted so fervently.

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