Creating Wealth Chi – 6 Ideas for your Home

Placement of Water

Place water or water symbols for attracting and stimulating wealth. Fountains and aquariums or even a simple urn with a pump can bring beautiful, positive “Sheng Chi” – the kind of chi that attracts prosperity to a home. It can be placed in the North, East or Southeast. Never place water feature or symbols like ships in the kitchen, toilet, store room or bedroom.

Use good Dynasty Chinese Coins

These Chinese coins tied with red colour ribbon in groups of three, six, nine or ten are very potent wealth energizers. Place these coins on your business or money files, tape them to a phone and carry them in your purse or wallet. Place them under your mattress to stimulate wealth. You can use them everywhere, but make sure the side with 4 features (Yang side) should be up or seen.

Beautify your Main Door or Entrance

Place images of protective Gods, symbols and flowers on your front door. This makes it not only look beautiful but also protects and energizes the inmates. The henceforth created positive Chi promotes wealth. Any water feature which brings in water towards your main door when facing North, East or Southeast invites loads of wealth luck.

Look good, Feel good

The way you dress up indicates your wealth and gets you good treatment from others. You should dress up for the occasion but that does not mean you that you should burn holes in your pocket. You should be wearing clean clothes that are well laundered and should look your best every day. Remember, pleasant faces attract positivity.

South Direction

Place a phoenix, rooster or peacock bird in the South, high up in your office, living room or shop or the South of your work table. It brings wonderful opportunities and magnifies your potential for success and draws others towards you, who can now see your magnificence that attracts prosperity.

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