Luck from the New Moon

The new moon tides new beginnings. To increase your wealth, luck and career prospects on new moon day, follow the given tips to bring about a significant positive change in your life.

Tip 1. Place fresh sea salt, in a dark blue mug, in a dry area of the kitchen and the bathroom.

Tip 2. Place fresh grains of sea salt in your wallet and your safe or the drawer where you keep your cash.

Tip 3. Place fresh sea salt in the corners of all the rooms at your home.

Tip 4. Shower your plants with water and also remove any dead leaves and till their soil. Do make sure that your plants are well watered, as plants denote wealth.

Tip 5. Do not place shoes in front of your main door, as it symbolises your luck and opportunities walking away.

Tip 6. With a red pen, draw a dollar sign on your right palm and repeat it every morning starting from the new moon till the full moon, before you leave your house for work. This would help increase your wealth luck and the opportunities coming your way.

Tip 7. On the new moon day, light incense and open all your windows; walk around your office and house, turn on all lights and sprinkle holy water on all the people around in order to bless everyone with health and prosperity. If possible, arrange a small puja ritual followed by a Vedic havan, to purify your home and office.

Tip 8. Remove all clutter and cleanse your house and office. Remove all things which you do not use or which are broken beyond repair. Also cleanse your mind from any negative thoughts and feelings for others. Clean your fridge and remove all stale food; the same goes for your kitchen.

Tip 9. Place fresh fruits in crystal bowl on your dining table, so as to bring in prosperity and good health.

Tip 10. Clean and energise your crystals which you have hung at the windows to reflect the sun energy in your homes and offices. Replace fresh water in all the water bodies in and around your house and office like fountains, urns, swimming pools and aquariums.

All these changes will increase your positive energy and make you feel relaxed and refreshed. This would bring out the best in you and your surroundings. You will create a more positive environment and reap its benefits in terms of health and wealth. You will see the difference in the attitude within yourself and that of your family members.

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