Creating Success through Your Surroundings

Small changes made in your surroundings can have a resounding impression on your success in life. By following these rituals you will be able to enhance your finances, relationships and general wellbeing.

Ritual 1. Take a note of the front side-central area of your house, because your overall luck rests over here. Keep it open and clutter free. Let there be enough space so that the positive Yang energy can settle and move inwards. Place good symbols like the Kalchakra Plaque, a pair of Fu Dogs, Evil Eye hanging, Laughing Buddha, Warrior Gods or images of Chi Lin to protect your main entrance from any negativity. Dispense camphor so that it purifies all the energies entering your home. Place auspicious symbols around your main entrance and make sure your main door does not squeak while opening or closing.

Ritual 2. Bathe your home and office with the Sun and Moon energies, which are such vital parts of the universe. Place an image of the Sun on your right and Moon on the left-  behind yourself. You can place a Golden Ingot in your home office, study and your main office.

Ritual 3. Wear auspicious symbols like the Mantra Ring, Om and Swastika Pendant and Dzi in Rose Quartz. These spiritual syllables and symbols when worn on your throat chakra attract positive energy, success and protection against harmful negative energy. It creates a shield of protection around you.

Ritual 4. Endeavour towards spiritualism, as this creates positive energy. Create an altar in your home and office so that you can evolve as a human being. It purifies the surroundings so that you are filled up with positive energy. Burn incense and place holy objects such as bells, a conch and others from your own religious faith or any deity to whom you may feel attracted to. Place your altar in the Northwest, North, East directions or right in front of the main door, as this facilitates all the positive energy to enter your house.

Ritual 5. Chant Mantras and Sutras to activate the positive energy in your home. Play soulful music and ring the singing bowl and bell to create positive spiritual sounds in order to purify the surroundings.

Ritual 6. Hang crystals where ever possible to catch the spectrum of sun-rays so as to energise and purify your home with the Sun energy.

Ritual 7. To create the ever important love energy, soak yourself in the full moon light in the later hours of night so as to benefit from your relationships with your loved ones.

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