Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By hanging mirrors at the right places, you can achieve your desires pertaining to wealth, health and relationships. Simply follow the guidelines below and continue enjoying your good luck.

In Feng Shui, mirrors are used primarily for three different purposes:


They are used for correcting missing areas in your homes or offices. It can virtually expand or “recapture” the space so as to fill in the missing corner.


It is also used to double up the good or bad energy by creating a virtual duplicate. For instance, if a mirror is reflecting a pile of clutter and unpaid bills, it is symbolically doubling your tardiness and debt. Or if it is reflecting a happy family image, it is symbolically doubling your happiness. Whatever it reflects, it doubles it up.


They are used to deflect negative energy away from your homes or offices. For this, Bagua mirrors are used on the outside of the main door.

It is nice to keep in mind that when you want to reflect or attract a positive image into your life, the mirror is placed inside your home or workplace. Conversely, when you are deflecting or repelling negative energy, the mirror is hung on the outside. You can use any mirror to deflect negative energy when used indoors, but only a Bagua mirror is used for this specific purpose on the exterior.

The following discretion is to be used when placing mirrors in your surroundings:

1. Choose clear, non-distorted mirrors (no ripples) and no mirror tiles.

2. Always keep your mirrors clean to ensure a clear image

3. Make sure that your mirrors reflect beautiful surroundings

4. Never place mirrors directly across from the main door, as they can push anything entering, right back out the door.

5. Place mirrors high enough so that you can see your entire image and not your head partially or else you may bring negativity to the viewer.

6. When placed behind the cooking stove, it magnifies wealth

7. If while cooking you are not able to see all entrances, you should place the mirror in such a position so that the cook can see the door of the kitchen.

8. Avoid hanging mirrors directly opposite to one another.

9. Hang a mirror above your desk or computer if your back is facing a door, so as to see who is coming and going in your room.

10. Use mirrors discreetly as an excess can cause drainage of good energy and wrong placement can increase negativity.

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